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  • Coffee on empty stomach

    Any thoughts on if coffee is advisable to have on an empty stomach in the morning? I usually wait a few hours before eating a meal and will most often have a shot of espresso. Am I hitting my stomach with too much of acid load in the morning?

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    I can drink coffee or black tea (both with milk) on an empty stomach, but for some reason green tea on an empty stomach makes me extremely nauseous. Not sure why!

    I've no idea on the question of whether it's unhealthy to drink coffee on an empty stomach, though.

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      I can't imagine why it would be. I drink coffee every morning before my workout, then eat after. Been doing this for a couple of years, I see no negative effects.


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        Often when I skip breakfast I buy coffee. So far I have no problems except for consuming too much coffee. That is a problem.
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          If I drink coffee on an empty stomach I get extremely painful stomachaches. It feels as if my stomach has been inflated and it usually makes me nauseous. If other people don't have a problem with it though, it's worth a try. You should be able to feel it if it's too acidic.


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            That's been pretty much the start to my day for the last 25 years or so, with no particular negative effects to my knowledge.

            If you tolerate it, I don't see a problem. If it gives you tummy upset, don't do it.
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              I use coffee with a substantial meal (some meat, enough fat, and some veg, etc.) to aid digestion. It does a great job of this, preventing a bloated heavy feeling.

              Coffee with too little food, or worse yet, without food, really gets my system riled up.

              Your mileage may vary ... but one thing to ask is, if you're healthy and vigorous and all that, and you know how to get a good night's sleep, why would you feel the need for coffee before breakfast?


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                How do you feel?

                Sounds like you have been doing this for a while - if you feel fine, then keep going. If you are curious, then experiment - eat and then take the coffee, compare how you feel.

                As a side note, coffee also has appetite suppressing effects, which is why most "diet pills" are loaded with caffeine.
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                  As long as I don't overdo it, my system seems to run just fine with coffee on an empty stomach. Sometimes I add a bit of cream. Oh wait, I've given up dairy so those days are gone. *tears up*
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                    I too drink coffee, black, on an empty stomach and a lot of it - and all is well. Green tea on an empty stomach also makes me nauseated. I think the coffee is just as fine as frog's hair.


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                      Just finishing up my coffee, black, won't be eating for another 8 hrs.


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                        I have been drinking coffee on an empty stomach for years and years. Lately I have been having more because I do IF's in the morning and I am still fine. I think you should give it a try to see if it bothers you.


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                          Hasn't bothered me and I've done it for years. Like a couple of the other posters mentioned, green tea is really the only thing that bugs me on an empty stomach.
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                            64 ounces a day.