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I am getting my cholesterol tested monday, should I ask for a vap test?

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  • I am getting my cholesterol tested monday, should I ask for a vap test?

    Can someone please tell me what a vap test is and should I ask for it to be done this Monday when I get my cholesterol tested?? I keep reading on here about a vap test but why is that more important than the standard cholesterol test? Please explain so I can print it out and take it with me to the docs on Monday!
    Thanks in advance!!

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    The VAP test sidesteps the usual workaround that they want to do with your cholesterol tests due to laziness. With the VAP test, they are forced to actually measure the LDL particle numbers (and size). With the regular test, they just calculate it, which is often grossly inaccurate, and both numbers are important to measure accurately. Demand the VAP.
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      I was glad I did. It measures a ton of stuff that the standard lipid panel doesn't. And it was way cheaper than I thought it'd be.


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        FWIW, a general practitioner such as a family medicine or internal medicine doc may not be able to do a VAP or not yet have the capability to farm one out.

        My "everday" physician is an internal medicine doc in one of the top 100 hospital groups in the US. Her office does not have the capability to do or order a VAP yet -- she is bummed but excited about the technology. Instead I have to go to a cardiologist to have it done. Just an FYI -- you may want to call before hand. 1st time buyer $5 discount code: GIS836