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  • Hit an all time low...

    So Iíve hit a pretty big low. Iím 6Ē5 and sitting at about 115LBS. Clearly this isnít right!
    Iíve leaned out but the flab is still there and my depression has hit a low too.
    Bit of a back story:

    I was about 190LBS when I started the diet (shocking) but im afraid if I eat more Iíll go back to that, its something I donít really want and I guess its put a fear against eating.
    I do crossfit with strength mixed in..
    Diet is usually a lot of protein and 50G of crabs a day
    Fats pretty high
    Anyone got any ideas on what I should include in my diet to get back up there and not get fat?
    I have to overcome the eating disorder before it gets worse.
    I actually had some sweet potatoes and squash PWO today..good call or bad?
    Hope this wasnít too confusing! Im pretty confused myself lol

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    This is going to come off as rude, but it isn't meant that way. You are 6 feet 5 inches tall and you weigh 10 pounds less than me. I am 5 feet 4 inches tall and female. I don't consider myself fat at all. You definitely shouldn't consider yourself fat. =/

    I hope you will eat something.


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      At 6'5, I have a hard time believing that 190 was too high.

      It's time to eat: carbs, lot of them. fat, a lot of it.

      And to chill on the crossfit.

      You weigh less than me and I'm female and 5' tall.

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        Crossfit is for fatties. Quit it, and start pounding food, and start lifting heavy weights.

        Eat LOTS of meat, eggs, veggies, and fruit. Lift 5x5 or starting strength three times weekly.


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          Are there other places in your life that you feel powerless? Maybe you're stuck in a rut at work ... feel like some people in your inner circle are disrespectful to you ... I don't know, just throwing it out there. I am asking because I had eating disorders in my teens/early twenties. Nothing huge ... just typical Western Culture female crap, hung up on glossy images and such. *shoulder shrug* I became a mom and my priorities changed.

          You sound like you are very fearful of fat ... on your body. Why? Why fear?


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            Also consider zinc deficiency which plays a role in both anxorexia as a medical diagnosis (low appetite) and anorexia nervosa (eating disorder).


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              sounds like you need a really good counselor in this area. I am 5' 11" and a female and I have never weighed 115. Maybe 150 but not 115 so a 6' 5" 190 isn't a lot of weight at all, my husband is 6'2" and he scrapes 180 and he looks great. You need to get right with some counselors or group therapy for the way you are viewing yourself and the food. Hope you can find happiness outside of the food and weight.
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                Thanks for the replys

                I've been having alot of trouble through family and other things lately so I guess its a majour role..

                I got pretty bad stick when i was yonger about my weight and it a fear to be back to were i was!

                But i know i need it sorting out ASAP cause im going to put myself into a bad spot..

                Ive been gettin stick lately from it all too and thats whats worring the most..

                I guess its time to eat!


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                  At your current weight you are dangerously thin,you really should seek professional help,not to be rude,but it sounds like you're got some serious issues to need to get control of.


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                    i totally agree with all of the advice given. you know, when i'm feeling all depressy, a good snacking on some fatty foods can perk my mood up a little. maybe find some good mood foods and go outside for walks a few times a day and get your mind off the bad stuff going on. time to get some control in your life!


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                      have you mis-typed your height or weight ?
                      bare minimum healthy weight for an adult male is 2 lbs per inch of height, which would be 77" x2 = 144 lbs for you; if you are actually 6'5".

                      Are you saying you are actually a male, 6 feet 5 inches tall, weighing 115 lbs ? If so, stand by for cardiac arrest from electrolyte disturbance due to anorexia. See a doctor immediately.
                      Never eat anything bigger than your own head.


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                        I don't know how to say this any more strongly than you are dangerously, scary, life-threaeteningly UNDERWEIGHT. You need to eat FOOD. But more importantly you need help to recover from this. You may need medical help. You definitely need some professional counseling and treatment for an eating disorder. When people get that underweight they can develop electrolyte imbalances that cause their heart beat to become very erratic. Karen Carpenter died from heart problems caused by extreme weight loss/anorexia. (I don't know how old you are, you may be too young to have heard of her, but she was a pop singer). At 5'5" I consider myself "concentration camp thin" at 115 (ribs sticking out, bony, wasted thin.) If that is your true weight I can't imagine what you must look like. Please get help.


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                          Holy crap, get to a doctor. At those stats, you could be in very real danger from starving to death. My friend is 5'8 and weighs 125 lbs, and he's scrawny as hell. I can't imagine how bone thin you are at 115 lbs and 6'5. For the love of god EAT, and LIFT WEIGHTS. You won't get fat, you'll be athletic and healthy. Eat plenty of carbs (healthy, primal ones), and tons of fat. I'm talking big 'ol steaks for dinner with a tall glass of whole milk (raw, preferably), and a side of veggies smothered in oil. Also, stop doing crossfit. It's for fat people who need to LOSE weight.

                          Seriously, I'm a 14 year old girl,, 5'6 and even I weigh 25 pounds more than you. You have a BMI of 13.6, for crying out loud. Also, if you don't mind, maybe post some pics to get a better idea of what we're looking at here.

                          EDIT: Oh, you weigh 11 stone. Silly, that's 150 pounds! That's not quite as close to starving as I thought, but still, go eat a steak and lift some weights.
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                            This image is what come to mind when I read this.


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                              i really dont know how you are alive, especially being a male. eat, get off this forum, get help and save your own life. you arent getting anything from primal eating at 6'5 and 115 lbs mostly because i do not think you have the mental capacity with your history and deficencies to make yourself eat to a healthy weight.

                              please, get in your car right now and drive to the hospital
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