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Massive amount of energy intake.. HELP!

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  • Massive amount of energy intake.. HELP!

    So here is the background information. For the past 3 or 4 seasons each October I have worked at a Haunted Forrest doing the most awesome role ever... The Chainsaw Guy! The attraction is open from 7:30 to 11 pm on Friday Nights and Saturday nights for about 4 weeks.

    Basically what I do is equivalent to a 50 to 75 yard sprint down into a Valley and back up the other side carrying a chainsaw over my head and then rinse and repeat. Sometimes I may chase them further depending on the reaction that I get from the group. I probably do this at least 75 - 100 times a night. Recovery time is usually about 2 minutes between groups so not much rest. Later on at the end of the night or if its cold and rainy I might have 5 minute gaps.

    This is soooooooooo physically demanding and very exhausting and I need some sort of primal solution for my energy needs each night. Previously I would easily wolf down 2 Big Macs a 20 piece nugget large fries and a coke after each night and still be hungry.

    Last year I tried powdered Gatorade and fruit which seemed to work well but still didn't meet my energy needs completely. I need something that will be quickly absorbed to keep my energy level up all night and allow me to recover for the following night.

    Who has something for me?

    Oh, also it needs to be easy to transport in my bookbag and easily accessible at my starting area. Taking a bunch of sweet potatoes is not feasible. I'm thinking liquid supplementation and maybe bite sized items that I can pop rather quickly.
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    Sweet potato and squash mash - hunks of butter...

    Blueberry smoothie with coconut milk, greek yoghurt

    Bad Ass omlette - filled with mushrooms, chopped tomato, bacon

    a thick, juicy stew with veg, stick plenty sweet pot and squash in there...

    sounds fun! scare the bejeezus out of thoise kids!
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      Batty's Blueberry balls. Halloween in Ohio should be cool enough to keep em soild.


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        Originally posted by queen_sheba View Post
        sounds fun! scare the bejeezus out of thoise kids!
        lol you would be surprised usually the kids don't get that scared. The tough guys walking in front of their girlfriends telling them how unscared they are are usually the first ones to run screaming up the hill


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          Big calories that absorb quickly.. Sounds like you need either liquid food or starchy carbs.
          Liquid food could be whole milk, or smoothies with coconut milk/fruit and such. Starchy carbs could be sweet potatoes or regular potatoes (real potatoes ofc, not some french fries crap), white rice. Starchy stuff with low antinutrients and low frucotse (some types of fruits might work aswell).
          A 3rd óption might just be to go for dense calories, aka trailmix.. You could make your own by heating coconut oil and then pouring dried fruit, nuts, coconut flakes and stuff into it, wait until it solidifies and spoon it out as you need it. As a last resort some glucose containing drink (coconut water prefferably, but even a soft drink could work) could fuel you, and it shouldn't be too harmful if you're utilizing the carbs pretty quickly.


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            I would try fruits and nuts