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So, what did Atkins die from?

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  • So, what did Atkins die from?

    This is the common argument my family brings up when I tell them how good I feel. "Atkins died of a heart attack!!!!". Well, I guess he did. So what's the rebuttle?

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    He slipped on ice and hit his head.
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      On April 8, 2003, at age 72, Dr. Atkins slipped on the ice while walking to work, hitting his head and causing bleeding around his brain. He lost consciousness on the way to the hospital, where he spent two weeks in intensive care. His body deteriorated rapidly and he suffered massive organ failure. During this time, his body apparently retained an enormous amount of fluid, and his weight at death was recorded at 258 pounds. His death certificate states that the cause of death was "blunt impact injury of head with epidural hematoma".


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        Karma is correct. He did have an issue with his heart but it wasn't a diet or lifestyle related issue. The heart trouble was due to a viral infection of the heart (if I remember correctly) and would have healed had he not fallen on the ice.


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          He had a head injury, went into a coma, and never woke up again. He did not have a heart attack. I am so sick of this b.s. meme.

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            rule no. 8: avoid trauma


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              Has anyone in the Atkins organization or PB for that matter GUARANTEED that adherents of these plans will not suffer a heart attack/have high blood pressure/cancer/etc etc etc?

              I don't believe anyone is suggesting that immunity from disease and immortality are guaranteed. We're just trying to skew the odds. So even if he DID have heart disease, it proves nothing.

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                If you read the vegetarian/vegan forums you will often see that they claim Atkins was grossly overweight and died of a heart attack, this is "mouthed" from person to person...seems no one wants to actually look up the info.

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                  Atkins diet isn't primal. If you look at what the Atkins people sell you can see A LOT of it is frankenfoods that are low carb. I know they do this to get people who are having trouble converting to get into it, but it isn't healthy.
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                    Atkins' original work was almost no frankenfoods and almost all primal friendly. His original message has been hugely distorted for sure...
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                      who cares?? we aren't on Atkins....

                      Edited to add: I was on Atkins for many years... and I just finished eating an apple. That would be a no-no on Atkins.
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                        Well,if you think about it,he did die of a heart attack.....due to complications from other reasons,but his heart did stop working....


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                          ahh, he slipped on some bacon grease left on the sidewalk. you know new york city. it was snowing too.


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                            Originally posted by Lodini View Post
                            who cares?? we aren't on Atkins....

                            Edited to add: I was on Atkins for many years... and I just finished eating an apple. That would be a no-no on Atkins.
                            I was on Atkins for a while too and was able to eat apples during on going weight loss.

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                              Slipped. Result was death from complications of head trauma.