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    Has anyone read this book? If so, your thoughts?

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    Very interesting book. She pretty much says what you need is moderate protein and fat to satisfy the appetite. She's not a big carb fan at all from what I remember. Maybe I'm wrong. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.


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      Great read, highly recommend, great addition to the library.
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        She is one smart lady. I listen to all her podcasts. They're right up there with the best of them like Robb Wolf and Jimmy Moore.

        She advocates basically the same things. High (good quality) fat + enough protein + low carb + short intense exercise + enough sleep + low stress...

        Check out her podcasts:


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          Just finished it last week.
          Great read.


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            I have read her blog. Some great research, no doubt about it. I wonder why she isn't mentioned more in the primal/paleo community? Lady Groks can be just as awesome. She is like a chick version of Mark.
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              Reading Amazon reviews, most glowing, some slam it as being very sloppy. I haven't read it.
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                Her book was the first time I'd heard of benfotiamine, or the ways of leptin and the TOR pathway. The detail got me down some, but I think I'm ready for a second read.


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                  It's on my Wish List! Here's another thread that has some interesting info and comments:


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                    I think the author did a good job...well worth the time to read.


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                      Well, based on the recommendations of those who know much more about PB than I do, I'm going to get this.

                      There is so much great nutritional (and other) information on this site, and I am personally very grateful to those many knowlegeable people willing to share it. It makes the transition from CW to PB so much easier.


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                        I'm w/ PDL--its a hefty read, and I've read it twice, and feel like I'm still just starting to *get* it. If I were going to recommend reading my fave primal/paleo books in order from most clear/simplified to most complex, I'd say start w/ the PB, then read Robb Wolf's new book, then Primal Body--Primal Mind.

                        I def. recommend it, but I got confused first reading it (read it pre-PB) a/b macros. Her opinion is that keeping fat really high and keeping protein moderate/low and VLC is helpful in the same manner that caloric restriction/fasting seems to be. BUT, I don't think those macros are *necessary* for folks doing IF regularly (personally.) Realizing more about what she was talking about (only after months and months of reading paleo/primal blogs and resources etc) made it a much more helpful read for me. I also really like her basic supp recommendations. At first I thought it was overkill, but now I am in agreement w/ much of her basic recs in the end of the book.

                        Definitely a worthwhile read IMO. Just plan to read it more than once.
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