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  • Help! Chinese Restaurant Advice

    I know I can Google, but I also know there's a wealth of information right here that I won't have to sift through

    My daughter has chosen to go to her favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner tonight. There is a long story behind why she has chosen Chinese and it starts with, "I'm the only one in my family who eats Primal, and I've only been serious about it for 3 weeks..."

    Of course I will avoid the rice and breaded meats, go with a beef and veggie dish, and ask to have my meal prepared without MSG. Any other advice? Thanks!
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    Try to find a dish without soy, but don't beat yourself up if you can't. Ask for extra veggies, most places will let you do that.
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      Eat something before you go. consider it your 20%. Dont over eat, & avoid the sauces. My daughter gave up chinese & swithched her favorite to Japanese. I can navigate there much easier. I havent been in a chinese resaraunt in 4 years. No loss
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        Stir-fry sauces are almost always made with corn starch or sugar. If the place is a good one, either ask for the sauce on the side or for 1/2 (or no) sauce.

        And most stir fry is going to be done in peanut, sesame, canola or corn oils. So if you can avoid stir fry's that would probably be a good idea if you are concerned about O3:O6.

        Most Chinese restaurants usually have a good steamed fish dish that is really good. That and some stir-fried veggies might be the way to go. 1st time buyer $5 discount code: GIS836


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          Ha-ha! Chinese restaurant? You're screwed, unless you can speak and read Chinese and ask for the special menu that Chinese people order from. Might as well just give in and eat whatever tickles your fancy.
          You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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            Most of the Chinese places I've eaten at have "healthy selections," which is usually steamed veggies and a protein (which I guess is also steamed? not sure, but the chicken never seems like it's been fried in oil), and sauce on the side. So I would order something like that, and then try to only eat half the rice, ha! (ok so I reeeeeally love plain white rice).
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              Man! I have stopped going to Asian restaurants long time back. All those sauces and MSG messes me up. If I have to...I order beef with broccoli or chicken with broccoli. I remember going to Grand buffet restaurants and all I used to have there was Hibachi steaks and broccoli.


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                It is perfectly easy to ask for your meat and veggies steamed (no nasty stir-fry oils then) and sauce on the side. I tend to get garlic sauce -- I'm sure there are lots of bad ingredients in that, but it's highly flavored and a few small dabs go a long way in making the dish tasty. I get Chinese takeout this way from the local joint once in a while when I'm too tired to cook or go out. If the takeout place can accommodate this easily, I've little doubt a "real" restaurant could do that or better.


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                  Thank you, all. I hadn't thought about the soy, the sauces, or the oils. Grumpy Caveman, I think you are right - I'm screwed!!
                  I wish we could just go Japanese - sashimi is right up my alley. I will go with steamed veggies and meat, no sauce, no rice (I could take or leave that anyway). I want to save my 20% for my piece of dark chocolate tonight!
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                    We don't have any decent sit down Chinese restaurants here--just a bunch of take outs. But all the take outs have a 'healthy menu' of just steamed dishes. I usually get shrimp and broccoli, no sauce, no rice. Of course, when I get it home, I can saute it in a little EVOO and garlic, but in a restaurant, I'd eat it 'as is' or perhaps with a little hot sauce.

                    The Chinese sauces are awful for me--the MSG, cornstarch, sugar, etc., etc.

                    I think a sit down restaurant might accommodate you, since this is the trend in the take out places, and I'm sure they know of it.

                    The only reason I even get take out is that I have family members who love Chinese, and when they visit, they often ask for it.


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                      I don't think the 20% Enforcement Patrol is going to have an issue if you put one birthday dinner a year on your 80/20 card. These things are never worth the stress that PB newbies put themselves through. Just eat the damned stuff and enjoy it if you can.
                      You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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                        Hmmm...of course you are right and I have been trying to work on this whole "need to be perfect" mentality that has gotten me in trouble in the past.
                        On the other hand, one birthday dinner moshes into eating the leftover cake tomorrow and the next day, then maybe it won't be a bad idea to hit Panera for lunch...

                        I will keep the PB in mind as I sit down to order, but I will order what I want to eat. In the back of my mind, I know I'll probably still feel bad tomorrow, so might as well enjoy it tonight. Except that's why I'm asking for advice to begin this what you had in mind when you mentioned the stressing newbie?
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                          chicken or beef with broccoli/stringed beans/steamed veggies without the sauce is usually available at most decent chinese restaurants. you could also get chicken wings, pork and probably a few other items without dipping into your 20% percent too much. and big deal if you do...just get back on track tomorrow.

                          it sounds to me like this might be the perfect opportunity (even though it's not a national chain, i'm guessing) for the latest primal challenge.


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                            I really like the cat-on-a-stick... ok... or chicken or whatever. Those tasty meat bits on a stick. Yeah, those are good.

                            Our best Chinese restaurant is a buffet, and you can do the Mongolian stir-fry where you pile raw meat and veg on your plate, and they cook it for you. I usually opt for that, some fish, and meats with minimal sauces. Just try to go as sauce-less as possible. It'll be like foraging trying to find the edible stuff.


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                              I feel soooooooo terrible after eating Chinese takeout that it always keeps me from wanting to eat there again. Not sure if you're into IFing, but sometimes IFing my next meal after a non primal splurge, then breaking the fast w/ a carniverous meal really helps me...

                              Another option: make an asian inspired primal sauce at home and bring it w/ you to put on your steamed meat and veg. No feeling guilty or shitty and you'll enjoy eating out w/ your family. (I make my own salad dressing and try and keep it w/ me at all times. I don't consider panera a cheat as I get a big salad w/ chicken, bacon and add avocado, top w/ my evoo dressing. And an apple or chips on the side that goes to my kiddo. I've also brought homemade bbq sauce to our favorite rib place, etc. For me, its worth the effort of premaking the dressing/sauces. I feel good and satisfied after and basically stay primal/avoid a lot of yucky ingredients...)
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