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Supplements - or Why Do I Have To Buy From the US to Get Decent-Strength Ones...?

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  • Supplements - or Why Do I Have To Buy From the US to Get Decent-Strength Ones...?

    Just been thinking about this. Here in the UK, there are 2 places where your average Joe/Josie gets their supps: - Holland & Barrett and Boots.

    Now, when I was looking for some vit D (for example) I went to H&B who wanted 7.50 ($11.85) for 100 1,000UI tabs. I asked if they had anything stronger and was told by the jobsworth that they weren't allowed to sell anything stronger, and that I'd have to get them on script if I wanted them stronger.

    So I went to iHerb, and bought 360x5,000UI for 15.60 inc. shipping, duty and tax! That's just 4p a cap! The same strength dose from H&B costs 37.5p! At 1 a day, I have a year's supply for almost the same price as just 41 days from H&B!

    Another example 250 1,000mg Omega 3 from H&B - 20 (8p cap). 200x2,000mg from iHerb 11.20 (5.6p) again, all inclusive.

    Now, I'm not certain if VAT is payable on supps over here but, even if it was (am assuming it is) the iHerb prices are still ludicrously cheap!

    it's the same with EVERYTHING (pretty much). Just wondering if anyone knew why the law's so strict over here that I have to buy from the US? Is it the same in other countries (what about you Aussies and Kiwis?)?

    I don't mind doing it, but I do miss the immediateness of just walking into a store and buying them (means I have to plan to reorder before I run out, as I don't think iHerb autoships).

    La tristesse durera toujours...

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    Your nutrition Shop's good - not as good as going into a shop but they're well priced, have quality brands and deliver by the next day (for free). I order from them and iherb. I don't trust the quality of H & B