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Fasting after Binging?

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  • Fasting after Binging?

    I can easily see myself falling into a trap like this. I ate off the charts last night, and my thinking is that I'll IF for the day, workout this evening, then have dinner after a 20 hour fast as some attempt to make up for last night's binge.

    Other than the psychological, is there any reason not to fast after eating a ton? Does it negate, or interfere with the benefits of the IF?
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    Its not ideal because it simply doesn't work. What will keep you from binging after the fast? Or the next day? What I'm seeing seems like a slap to your willpower, I've felt it too, but it will happen again.
    Fasting after a binge is treating the symptom of binging, i.e. weight gain, but not actually treating the source. This is coming from someone whose been there.


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      If it's all primal foods your 'binging' on, then I dont see a problem. Sounds like the warrior diet (one meal a day). I like to spread things out a bit and eat 2 meals within a few hours of each other and then fast for 16-20 hours.

      Seeing as you just did your first fast, and it was a long one, I wouldn't worry about it. Remember one meal,binge,fast wont matter in the long run. Keep experimenting and listening to your body.


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        Binges happen from time to time and there's nothing wrong with IFing the following day, or couple of days after. It'll help you consume less calories and even out the binge and get you on a track to burn fat faster...

        @Dan - yes treat the issue and stop binging often,... but there are going to be times when you just let yourself go, that's just life and it's liberating at times,... and in which case, a 24 hour fast is a good way to balance out all the crap you just previously ate.

        I like this post from johnny..


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          I've gotten myself off the carb/overtraining nightmare, and I'm not going to switch it out for a different type of cycle.

          I have ideas. Plans. Broad implementation begins on Monday when I start my own personal 30 day challenge. I'll see how that goes.
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