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There is no way to make this go away faster is there?

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  • There is no way to make this go away faster is there?

    We just started being primal with this 30-day challenge. Up until now, I've stayed on track fairly well. Monday, I had a soda and before I was half done with it, I felt shaky and fuzzy. It was the most bizarre feeling, but by the next morning I was left with just a small headache.

    Last night, we went out to eat. We went to a wing place, that only serves wings. I skipped the soda with my meal but, of course, I ate wings. By the time we got home I felt miserable. I was hoping I could just wake up with a small effect, but today I feel even worse. I'm beginning to think as I go through this day that I'm actually feeling worse. Is there some hope that this will go away soon? Is there something that will make me feel better?

    I've learned my lesson. This is worse then a vodka hangover.

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      I just asked the eight ball for should be fine.
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        The eight ball wasn't so generous when I asked, skink.

        Carbs, all of the fun of the hangover, none of the fun of being drunk. Hm. Thats kinda like parenting sick kids.
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          I have finally got to the point where I can look at a non-veggie carb and see the physical pain it would cause me. It's taken five months of carb-detoxing but it finally happened. I can't look at a non-veggie carb without going "yuck".

          I just came from lunch at McAlester's Deli where they're offering to feed hungry children if you buy a cookie ($1 for each cookie going to a chilcren's charity). My first gut reaction wasn't, "wow, I want that cookie" but was "WTF? Why couldn't you give a $1 based on my salad?"



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            Nope. Sorry.

            Just hang in there. When you look back on this, years from now, a few weeks of misery will seem like the blink of an eye.


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              Hello, I cant say I know for sure whats going on with you ...but from my own experiences for years......sounds like your have a food intolerence problem....withdrawls....something that helps me in these situations is to get crystalize vitamin C and disolve a tsp in a small amount of water...and drink every 15 minutes until feeling better....this can give you back off of it if you wont hurt you ....hope all is well by now....


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                I've never understood the appeal of wings. So little meat, so much skin and sauce -- oh, wait, I get it now.
                You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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                  You should try my coconut-curry Wings Of Fire, Grumpy