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Recipes for Baby's First Birthday Cake - PB style?

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  • Recipes for Baby's First Birthday Cake - PB style?

    I want to make a traditional looking b-day cake for my baby's first BD. Any ideas for cakes with frosting that meet or come super close to PB guidelines?

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    I was wondering the same thing. I think I decided to go with pumpkin muffins using coconut and almond flour with some ground up dates for sweetness. (or a touch of honey) If you look at FlyNavyWife's "Joyful Abode" site, she has lots of good primalish recipes, especially for sweets.


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      Of all traditional frostings buttercream, marzipan and ganache are the least unprimal.

      Italian Meringue Buttercream is around 35% sugar by weight, good marzipan is similar. Ganache is less, depending on the chocolate you use it might even be 0% sugar. All of them are more than 50% calories from fat.


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        I need a recipe for my daughter's second birthday! She has seen the daycare provider make chocolate cupcakes for another kid's birthday (she's gluten-free, so doesn't eat them) and she asked for "dark chocolate cupcakes." (At first I didn't understand why she asked for "dark" chocolate cupcakes, but I think she said "dark" because she doesn't know any chocolate other than dark )