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    I am sure this has been discussed before, but just writing this quick before work and hoping for an answer by the time i get back from work so i can get some ASAP. Looking to buy online instead of at whole foods, which is the only place i can find it around here. Thanks for all the help Groks!

    p.s. I have some coconut milk and a pound of grass fed beef, any easy recipes? thinking just browning beef adding frozen veggies and milk? total experiment could use advice on spices and how much of each ingredient.

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    The two I've eaten and trust are the Nutiva organic virgin coconut oil and the centrifuged virgin coconut oil from Wilderness Family Naturals. If you're shopping online, I'd definitely recommend WFN:


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      I was at Wal-Mart picking up a couple of items yesterday and was browsing their oils. Was surprised to find Nutiva (29 oz) jar of coconut oil for $20.


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        I get 14 oz of Whole Foods brand for $7. It tastes good, in fact better than a slightly more expensive competing brand that they also carry. Maybe your prices differ, but when I factored in shipping there wasn't any savings by getting the larger amounts.


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          Tropical Traditions. Every time I've ordered from them, I've received my order in two days! Right now they're having a sale on their top-of-the-line Gold Label virgin coconut oil until Oct 3rd; 2 gallons for $99.

          edited to add: you can get smaller quantities from them
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   is great, very fast, always $4.95 flat rate shipping no matter how much you order. I always get my Nutiva there.


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              We always use Nutiva Organic coconut oil- it's good stuff!


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                as for a recipe, this is a favorite for us: brown meat, onions and garlic if you want, (ground meat, or chicken thighs, pork chunks, beef chunks, etc) Add canned coconut milk, and your veggies if you want, then add curry paste, or curry powder/cumin/red pepper blend. We use the paste and just take a little of the hot coconut milk out and blend in the paste till smooth. You can add some red pepper flakes if you like it hot, also squeeze some fresh lime if you like.

                For 2 pounds of meat (4 people) I use 2 cans of c milk, and a Tablespoon of curry paste, (yellow) it is not mild, but wont make you run away crying like a baby either

                This is also done at my house often with just veggies and served along side a steak, or roasted chicken or something like that. We like the frozen veg blends that have squash, beans, and cauliflower. IT is fatabulous made into a curry soup with cauliflower alone too!
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