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    I've been doing a little research online about improving my vision naturally. I figured this forum is probably a good place to get some opinions. My vision when I was younger, more athletic and active was 20/10 - 20/15. I always had really good vision. My vision is still good, I don't need glasses but I noticed in my late twenties and thirties when working long hours took over my life and exercising and being active went by the wayside that my vision declined a little. I have to get eye exams every 5 years for my capt license as part of a physical. My right eye is fine 20/15 - 20/20, but my left eye has become a little blurred. It is good somedays, but if I am tired or stressed I can tell.

    Any foods or supplements that can help improve vision? As with everything you look for on the web there is way too much information and weeding through the crap is next to impossible. I have found some sites that offer eye exercises. Anyone know which sites or exercises are worth attempting?

    Thank you in advance.