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  • As a former CCU nurse, I am finding it difficult to switch my brain into eating high fat foods and eliminating high fiber grains. One of the biggest adjustments starts at breakfast -- I am getting tired of eating eggs and bacon! I am making a variety of omelets, but always eggs...I looked at some recipes for breakfast foods in the Primal cookbook but most of them still have eggs in them. Any suggestions?

    I do need to lose 10 pounds (I am 5'3, #135) and can't see it happening with all the increased calories. Also, I am used to drinking 2-3 glasses of wine every night at dinner but have not had any for one week, due to a bad cold. When I am well I will want to resume drinking at least one glass of wine at dinner. Is this a no-no?



    • Thanks for your I site. I'm just getting started and really need uplifting feed back. I'm not really overweight too much, but feel the need to be better. At my age I want to able to pull off my shirt in the summer time and not be ashamed of ME!
      I train in martial arts and have been for alot of years. How every my age and limitations are something I can limit and be better at what I do. I love sweets and see this is going to be my biggest hurdle in this new move I want to make. I will continue to get and make it apart of my life. I have recovered from many things that others would lay down to andbe happy that their lives are marred and have excuses for their physical lives. I believe we can change for the better, it'snot easy and few make it, but damit I want tobe happier and healthier. Thanks


      • Originally posted by SkepticalPeggy View Post
        One of the biggest adjustments starts at breakfast -- I am getting tired of eating eggs and bacon! I am making a variety of omelets, but always eggs...I looked at some recipes for breakfast foods in the Primal cookbook but most of them still have eggs in them. Any suggestions?
        I just make breakfast into another dinner. It seemed weird at first but now it seems weird to me that there are designated "breakfast foods." For instance, this morning I ate brussel sprouts and grass fed ground beef patties. A couple days ago I had Mackerel on a big bed of Swiss Chard. I usually have a little fruit with my breakfast, too. My husband (not primal) finds it extremely weird but I love the variety.


        • I'm partially responding to bump this up.
          Originally posted by naiadknight View Post
          5) People will try to talk you out of it.
          This is hard. My partner followed the 8-week cholesterol cure and tells me you can't tell him that it doesn't feel better to have low cholesterol. He did it, his cholesterol was like 120 and he said he never felt better or more clear-headed. He is certain I'm going to kill him. I have to make separate food for the both of us.

          Then there's my doctor and the whole medical establishment who now wants to test children for cholesterol and make them eat low saturated food.

          Originally posted by naiadknight View Post
          6) Do not tinker with your Primal diet until you've given your body the time it needs to adjust. I'm not talking just until carb flu is over, either. I'm talking long haul. Give true Primal several months. Once that stops working, look at your cheats and possible food reactions. If you fix those and still have problems,THEN start tinkering with VLC and such.
          This has been very hard, too. I've been following the recommendations of the archevore plan and at first I piled on tons of fat on everything. If there were leftovers, I reheated it in another giant heaping pile of butter. After a while I couldn't stand that anymore and I now just cook in enough fat to get the job done. After 6 weeks of negligible weight loss, it has been very hard not to tinker. The other day I went 24 hours without eating and wasn't hungry. So I did it another time and again wasn't hungry. I hope that doesn't count as tinkering anymore than getting tired of too much fat wasn't tinkering.

          HOWEVER, I'm begging you, please dear god, let me have some real weight loss like everybody else. Don't make me have to go starve. They told me I didn't have to starve. Why did you make me so terribly broken? Do I really have to eat every other day to make this work?

          Originally posted by naiadknight View Post
          9) Do not be alarmed at any medical maladies changing (diabetes, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, etc.) If it gets worse, talk with your doc. If it gets better, run with it, but watch and make sure you don't need to tinker with your meds.
          This is another tough one as I've gone through all these changes over the last 6 weeks:
          1) Felt disoriented as I no longer was hungry and preoccupied with food anymore. What are you supposed to think of? I felt lost with nothing to do and nothing to think about for about a week.

          2) The weakness wasn't so bad until in the 4th/5th week it turned into a rather alarming severe electrolyte problem. I thought I would die. It took a week to get over it.

          3) For the first 4-5 weeks I gradually found it more and more difficult to have my mouth keep up with my mind. I pretty much couldn't hold a conversation.

          4) Now I'm going through a phase where I can't seem to control my body temperature. Freezing one minute, burning up the next.

          The successes I've had have been small but meaningful:
          - My frozen shoulder vanished (look that one up.)
          - Except for the 2nd week, I haven't gained any weight and have lost a small bit of weight, not much, but it's better than gaining.
          - I feel really clear-headed now and feel like I can breathe better
          - I can hike and exercise at full-strength again
          Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


          • Thank you so much for this post. I am into my third week primal and still sorting out all of the information. I am about half way through the PB book and have spent a significant amount of time on several site including this one reading various articles and posts. The centrality of this information into this one post is a blessing. It is also nice to know there are other people out there as confused and as curious as I am.

            I have found that when I view food as 'fuel' instead of 'something to do' I have an easier time managing it.

            My daily intake of carbs has been in the 50 to 100 range and is made up mostly of fruit and nuts. I was a big dairy (milk and cheese) and grains (cereal, granola, fiber bar) person. I have drastically curbed those habits. No more huge bowl of cereal for my prior to bed anymore.

            I enjoy cooking so coming up with new recipes has made the experience more fun. Buffalo stuffed peppers, cauliflower shepherds pie, and pesto chicken to name some of my more recent creations.

            I also love to learn so I continue to read so I can understand certain concepts better such as O6:O3 ratios and exactly how grains hurt me and how fat helps me.

            Again, I appreciate everyone's knowledge and information


            • What about Carbs?

              Hey, I'm new to the site and to Primal Eating. I'm just starting and I was wondering, should I try to completely cut out carbohydrates in all forms?
              I dont eat much simple carbs as it is, such as sugar, and I eat no white flour in any shape or form. I do eat whole wheat however.
              Should I stop this?

              Any advice anyone can give me would be more than welcome, the newbie must prevail!

              Also, I have yet to read the PB book; how is it?

              Btw, thanks for the starter-up advice, I've already noticed people telling me that I only have partially follow this plan to achieve results, or still be very healthy. It's amazing how people will try to keep someone unhealthy for the sake of not feeling guilty about their own health; a type of "Dispersion of responsibility" if you will.


              • Since I am a newbie thought I would start with my questions here. I'm only partly through the book so far but want to order supplements and wasn't sure what I need to order. I have a lot of weight to lose, have high CRP levels (i.e. inflammation), insomnia, infertility, anxiety, HBP, insulin resistance...basically just a mess from 32 years of the SAD and years of battling obesity and yo-yo dieting. Cholesterol was okay with the exception of HDL being low (46). Going to get new blood work done in late February so really excited about making these changes now and seeing how different I feel. I just want to know which supplements...amounts, brands, etc. I need to be taking and haven't had much luck finding a list or resources for that yet.


                • I've only been doing this for a few weeks (feel much better already !!!), but I have spent those weeks reading everything I can.

                  My feeling.... YMMV... is to just eat according to plan and not take any supplements and see how your body reacts. After you have given Primal a good chance (6 months), then perhaps you could think about supplements.

                  But why not first see what eating good natural food can do for you?????


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                    • Im starting the 21 day challenge today and could really use some help with my daily meal options. Im trying to stay in that 0-50g carb range, Please Help!!


                      • Originally posted by jrb1133 View Post
                        Im starting the 21 day challenge today and could really use some help with my daily meal options. Im trying to stay in that 0-50g carb range, Please Help!!
                        Meat and non-starchy vegetables. That's all there is too it. I am currently eating about 2 lbs of meat and 2 lbs of vegetables each day, and I am deep purple on the ketostix.
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                        • Thank you, but what are non-starchy veggies?


                          • I have read this entire thread ( incase you were wondering)


                            • Great thread! Don't know how I missed this earlier
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                              • Originally posted by jrb1133 View Post
                                Thank you, but what are non-starchy veggies?
                                Generally, any of the green leafy vegetables such as salad greens are non-starchy in addition to broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber and celery. Dark leafy greens like kale, spinach and collards are packed with nutrients and low carb- you should aim to eat lots of them.

                                Starchy vegetables are generally root vegetables such as sweet potato, potato, rutabaga, beets, carrots, parsnip and winter squashes (e.g., butternut squash, etc.) and higher in carbs. Took the link below from another discussion thread and might be helpful to you.

                                Originally posted by Farfalla View Post

                                Low carb vegetables - this could be of use to you
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