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when is a good time for IF?

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  • when is a good time for IF?

    I am just wondering when IF is ok or a good time. one of my friends is going primal with me and she said she cant IF because her blood sugar isnt stable enough...any thoughts?
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    Her blood sugar may not be stable enough because her body is still too used to carbs and sugar. Once the body gets used to more fat and protein it burns energy differently. Insulin will be lower. When insulin is low the body can flip into beta-oxidation and burn fat really well as a source of energy, providing the body with the fuel it needs. I'm sure Mark's book explains this more, and Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes explains this really well in the last few chapters in case you want to read more about it. Many here recommend having dinner at night, and then pushing breakfast out until noon or after (I guess some call that lunch). That's a good 18 hour fast right there. That block of time is easiest for me to fast, because I spend a lot of it sleeping. Good luck!


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      I would wait until the Adaptation Phase is over, that is, when your body is used to burning fat and not sugar anymore. That's approximately 3 weeks.
      I can do a 20hr fast with no problems, and only the slightest, faintest twinge of a headache. 2/10 compared to an 8/10 hypoglycaemia headache.

      And the best thing about IF-ing is that when you do eat you appreciate it more, and the second best thing is it's economical.

      good luck with it all

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