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    How much benefit is there in supplementing vitamin C? I've read different things about whether or not it's actually necessary. Apparently it doesn't actually help stop colds but is still a good anti-oxidant? I'm currently taking Now Foods 1 g per day. The reason I ask is that I'm deciding whether or not to start supplementing Magnesium instead since I don't think I get quite the RDA on most days. I don't have muscle soreness or have trouble sleeping though. I know these two things aren't related in the least but it's more of a cost factor. I'm either going to get one or the other. So which should I go with? Vitamin C or Magnesium? I'm thinking of getting Now Foods Magnesium Malate if it matters.

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    Given the either or scenario, I'd supplement with mg.

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      Is there much of a benefit from supping Vitamin C? What exactly will it do for me? If it's worth it I could probably get it too but if it's not a huge issue I probably won't worry much about it.


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        Here's a detailed summary of info about vitamin C from the Linus Pauling Micronutrient Research Center:


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          My experience, pre-primal, was that if I dropped below 3000 mg per day, I got sick. May not need as much now. But if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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