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Honey, honey....don't stop!

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  • Honey, honey....don't stop!

    Little tune to get in your head there!

    I'm was baffled and bemused by the range of honey on offer in the sups. Now I thought i would pick up a jar for tiny little additions to things...

    what kind does everyone get? I ended up with an Australian Eucalyptus honey, which has apparently has a rich toffee and raisin taste!

    But, locally, I really should be buying the Scottish Blossom honey, but it's rather pricey - about double that of the main store brands. It's very thick and looks nearly white.

    Just throwing it open to the crowd!
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    I actually feel some difference in my day when I have some honey in the morning. It's excellent coffee sweetener also. It's so good for digestion. And it's perfectly safe to eat they honey in large quantities without having any side effects. But the honey has to be raw otherwise you will be suffering from high blood sugar later.

    It's quite hard to find out if the honey is hard but raw honey crystalizes faster than heated honey. Honey is only heated to keep it in liquid form for longer.


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      About three weeks back I got two containers of some organic honey at Whole Foods, it was a two-for-one deal for about $9 total. I'm stocked on honey for a loooooong time... haha

      This may seem odd / disgusting to some but it's actually quite good on eggs.
      Are you a college student, trying to navigate college while being Primal? Do you know any other PB college students on a tight budget? Heck, for that matter, are YOU trying to live Primal on a budget? Enroll at Primal University!

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        I don't usually eat it. I have got a jar of "Organic Forest Honey" from "Tropical forest". This is an import from Africa that they have in, I think, Waitrose. I think it wasn't selling and I got it fairly cheap. It might well be too strong-tasting for most people. It says on the jar:

        * wild bees
        * cold pressed
        * no sugar-feeding or antibiotics
        * no GMOs for hundreds of miles

        Might be worth looking out for. They give a website address on the jar - maybe that would list UK outlets:

        I tend to steer clear of all sweeteners - although I guess honey isn't just a sweetener. There are even some medical benefits claimed:


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          I've hardly eaten any honey since going primal, but the honey I have is raw. I think the only thing I've used it in is Batty's Blueberry Blue Balls. I made the Baked Chocolate Custard from the PB cookbook yesterday and used maple syrup, per the recipe, but next time I might try it with the honey instead.

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            I'd go for local if I had allergy problems or money to burn. Otherwise, go for taste!