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    I get a kick out of that too. I show up with ginger root and turnips and get asked what they are. I show up with beef cheek, beef heart, or mustard greens and get asked how I cook it. I actually had a cashier (I go through her line a lot; she's quick) ask me why I don't ever show up with the easy to scan stuff. She wasn't complaining, she was just curious.
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      Just bought 120 free range eggs at the local Sunday market today for $20.00.

      Yep ... primal life is good .....


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        Goodness me! what are you going to do with that many eggs at once? and I pay $6-7 a dozen here in balmy palmy so that's an awesome deal.


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          I hate being in the supermarket and seeing overweight people fill their trolly (kart) with weight watchers crap and low fat dairy products.


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            Originally posted by naiadknight View Post
            At the store I go to, you see 3 forms of carts:
            1) Trying to lose weight: Everything low fat, Ground turkey and chicken, fake cheese (3 calories), and half a cart of lean cuisine and weight watchers meals
            This one is sad, because you know they are trying! The strangest and most depressing cart I ever saw at the store was one filled entirely with Light and Fit Yogurt (60 calories, 11 carbs, 3 proteins, no fats) and Lean Cuisines. Like, an entire cart filled to the brim with these items. I was in line a few isles over so I had time to try and estimate how many of each--I would say she had easily a three week supply if she had two of each every day. There was nothing remarkable about the lady with the cart. She looked like a regular working woman.

            I just can't imagine eating nothing but fat-free yogurt and lean cuisine every day--nutritional disaster aside, I think I'd be breaking into the cat's tinned food just to get some flavor!


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              I have an acquaintance whose son's "baby" teeth started to have dental problems, due to the full sugar soda and Kool-Aid. She really cleaned up her act, and started giving him apple juice instead...(sigh).. :-(


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                Lately my cart has been almost 98% meat. I get my eggs through a driving co-op from a nearby farm and my veggies from a CSA. So my cart usually consists of bacon, various meats, and maybe some butter, heavy cream, or nuts. It feels a bit odd when I toss up a single head of cauliflower next to 10lbs of

                Plus I feed 4 cats raw meat, so sometimes when I find a good sale or organ meats this jumps to 30lbs of meat to one veggie. I do get quite a few looks.

                Hopefully we have some successful hunts in the next few weeks and then I will be down to just butter, cream, and nuts
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                  I was in Whole Foods the other day and I almost felt worse for the people that are trying to do the right thing. If you're buying chips and boxed foods, you're really not trying. There was a woman behind me with boxes of every whole wheat product that Whole Foods carries. She had WW pasta, bread, pancakes, whole grain cereals, everything. I felt really bad that CW makes her think she's doing the right thing for her and her family and it was an expensive load of groceries too.


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                    Two tales from the Costco checkout line....

                    Tale 1: Gentleman in front of us has a mostly Primal-looking cart... except for the gallons of skim milk, and the big bag of bread. He has the same chicken thighs (bone-in, skin-on) packages as I do, and I comment on them - "Aren't they good?"

                    His response: "Yeah, especially when you peel the skin off so that they're healthier!"


                    Tale 2: We have four 18-count boxes of eggs in the cart. Lady in front of me has two quarts of "egg product." She looks at my cart: "Aren't you worried about the cholesterol??"

                    My response: "Cholesterol's actually really good for you. Aren't you worried about what they might have put into your carton of 'egg product?'"

                    She stares at me, open-mouthed, and then turns away. I hear her commenting to the cashier about "this crazy guy in line behind me" while I unload my eggs, brisket, and bacon onto the conveyor belt...
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                      Was anyone doing curls in the squat rack?


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                        My name is Lodini - I would like to confess that I used to have an entire freezer full of Lean Cuisine's and Healthy Choice meals. I am 3.5 months clean.
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                          When I am at the grocery store I play a little game with myself and look at what a person has in their cart then make note of how fit the person looks. It's a pretty good indicator of what works and what doesn't diet wise. You can almost always tell how big a person will be by their cart. Lots of junk food and they are huge. The typical 'diet' foods (lean cuisine, low fat everything) and they are usually pretty large as well. (which says a lot to me about how well the standard 'diet' foods work). Lots of fresh veggies and meats, they are usually pretty lean and fit. All vegan stuff, they are usually skinny-fat or rail thin. I did notice some younger asian woman in their 20s with a cart full of junk food who were pretty thin, but it seems that asians in general can get away with eating a lot of junk, at least when they are younger, and not get fat.
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                            Originally posted by Griff View Post
                            Tale 2: We have four 18-count boxes of eggs in the cart. Lady in front of me has two quarts of "egg product." She looks at my cart: "Aren't you worried about the cholesterol??"

                            My response: "Cholesterol's actually really good for you. Aren't you worried about what they might have put into your carton of 'egg product?'"
                            lolololol. I love that.


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                              I simply try to avert my eyes. It's psychically painful to me.


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                                Originally posted by blank_faceplate View Post
                                Was anyone doing curls in the squat rack?
                                LOL (chuckle, actually)