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getting my toddler on the right track

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  • getting my toddler on the right track

    hey all,
    im so excited to start (its gradual here)... but my toddler man is almost 2 years old and he eats mainly fruit, but let me give you a sample of his day:

    banana, grapes, strawberries, blueberries... sometimes pancakes! (but hardly ever) he has bacon. and his nog which consist of 2 farm fresh eggs, whole milk, cocoa powder and raw honey all blended up into a yummy yummy goodness!

    Snack: fruit or the like unlimited!

    Peanut butter and honey sandwich and more fruit! sometimes veggies from the night before

    dinner: whatever we are eating, which usually consists of high protein (cooked in good fats) a veggie or two and potatoes.

    I have tried to get him to eat more veggies, i dont know what im doing wrong! he no longer eats cookies, crackers and juice all day. no more canned fruits! help how do i get my toddler man to adjust as well?
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    I don't have kids, so I won't venture any unfounded advice, but I like the "nog".


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      he is keeping the nog for sure!
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        My 2 year old loves fruit too.

        She also loves eggs, salmon, wild planet tuna...well, there's not really an animal protein source she doesn't like. Her favorite foods are fruit and meat/fish/eggs. She used to love cheese, but rarely wants it now.

        Your nog is great!

        What about pumpkin seeds (pepitas)? I love the Eden brand. My daughter will eat the heck out of those; I don't worry about the omega-6 because she eats a lot of fish and I give her fish oil daily and fermented cod liver oil every other day.

        I personally would try to find a good gluten-free or sourdough bread if you're going to keep the sandwiches. I don't think gluten is good for anyone. I'm not an expert, but I think long-fermented sourdough is much better, though. I know UDI's makes highly renowned gluten-free bread, but it's mainly tapioca and rice based (which I still think is better than gluten in standard bread). The reviews for that bread say it's as good as traditional wheat bread, which if you've ever eaten gluten-free bread, that's a huge compliment! A lot of gf breads are like bricks. I'd check out coconut flour pancakes instead of wheat pancakes too...I don't have a recipe, but I've seen it posted on here.

        She also likes the Trader Joe's chicken sausages (specifically the Chicken Apple and Chicken Mango). They're precooked and very easy to warm up on the stove.

        BTW, I wouldn't worry about the veggies at this point. Keep giving them to him. I know my daughter won't eat her's half te time, but I still give them to her. To my surprise, she's taken a great liking to mushrooms, onions, garlic, broccoli, green beans, zucchini, and spinach sauteed with stuff. And don't forget the butter or olive oil on the veggies...along with some quality sea salt. Tastes way better.


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          haha i have sourdough starter in the fridge so i probably will keep the nut butter! he does eat pistachios, pecans and cashews. we dont have trader joes in lawton oklahoma!
          thanks so much mama friend
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