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Anyone giving their kids vitamin D?

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  • Anyone giving their kids vitamin D?

    Does anyone have a suggestion on kid-friendly vitamin D supplement? My 7yo won't swallow a pill. I've seen the gummy ones. Anyone tried these? or anything else?

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    Give him the liquid Vitamin D3 & mix it into his food. Here is one brand I found:

    1,000 Units per 25 lbs of body weight is the recommended dosage per senior members here who have researched this subject extensively.
    See the thread, Vitamin D for more details:

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      ^^^^^ to grizz. i give my son the liquid, and although he tells me it tastes like poop, he'll down it anyway. i'll take it. i've tried gummy D3 and the fish oil ones, they're horrible.

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        I just get my kid outside as much as possible.
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          Definitely! I use the drops (vitacost has one with 2000 IU per drop...and I'm sure many othe places have it). My daughter has to be on 4000 IU for awhile even though she's only 30 pounds.
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            mine take it in the form of cod liver oil;-)
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              Good question! I think I will have to get some of that for my kiddos, the sun is already worthless here. And soon it will barely exist.

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                Oh and I also give her fermented cod liver oil every other day, which has some vit D.


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                  emulsified D and CLO (Blue Ice or GOL).


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                    Mine is probably too young to help you out - he still gets his vit d in liquid form right before I pop a boob into his mouth to wash the nasty medicine taste away. (Seriously, your choice is HFCS-laden vit d or the 'healthy' option which tastes like ass. WTH is up with that?!)

                    Oh, and I frequently strip him down to his socks and let him frolic in the yard. He gets to air out the boy bits and I don't have to worry about changing the diaper for the afternoon. The only downside is the screaming fit when it's time to diaper up and go inside again. My kid LOVES BEING NUDE. Yeesh.


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                      There are plenty of simple drops for vitamin D. Carlsons makes some, but they're expensive. They don't have to taste like anything! Some just taste like the olive oil they're put in.

                      Here you go:

                      I'm not advocating vitacost, btw. I usually buy from iherb. I just wanted to point out that you don't have to get sugar-laden children's supplements...especially for vit D.


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                        iherb has these

                        These the same ones, Shannon? $17.23 from iHerb.

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                          I'm pretty sure Dr Mercola makes a spray Vit D which would probably be easier than drops for kids?


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                            There's this one on iHerb $15.78
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                              I second the Carlson's Vit d drops. I buy mine at, I think they're around $12 for a 1-year supply (365 drops). You can buy them in 400, 1000, and 2000IU doses. The ingredients are simply coconut oil and vitamin D3. I feed these to my breastfed baby as well as my kids. I remember when my first son was a baby, and his ped recommended vitamin D drops. The only stuff I could find was artificially flavored and had artificial colors in it. Ewww!!
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