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So why do veggies make you lose weight?

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  • So why do veggies make you lose weight?

    I am in full primal swing, doing everything right (The worse thing I do is canola oil and sometimes sunflower oil from the mackeral tin in my salads, mmmmaybe crispy onions too). Eating a maintenance level / slight deficit to burn fat, while remain lean and functional.

    I've made 2 threads regarding smoothies, but I'll bring it up again. I am now a die-hard smoothie fan, favouring 'green' veggie smoothies over the fruity ones. I've just had a cabbage and carrot smoothie. I thought i'd never ever say it but I'm a gerdamn veggie-holic. Whens the next fix of greens?!

    I've always read that veggies help you 'lose weight' , but now that I'm getting a tonne of veg, I wonder why, why do veggies make me lose weight? The way they digest, negative calories and all that jazz?

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    Well if your having cabbage and carrot smoothies I'd lose weight...only cause I could never stomach having one twice

    Sorry..just had to. It's obviously working for you though. Do you mean with milk or something or just carrot and cabbage juice? Smoothie to me means something blended in milk and cabbage and carrot in milk is just puke worthy.


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      no such thing as negative calories.
      However, veggies DO have a WHOLE LOT of bulk, and not many calories. You can eat them all day and still not come close to an order of french fries. So they help fill you up without packing on weight. In addition they provide nutrients your body needs to function optimally; when things are working well, your body can make best use of resources without holding on to extra fat or water justincase. So if you eat them instead of eating rice or bread - which leave you feeling hungry, and have a lot more calories, and the potential to muck up the works, not to mention holding on to water weight - then you will of course lose. This has more to do with eliminating inefficient foods as opposed to adding veggies, but adding the veggies helps.


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        You'd be surprised. I've been mixing and matching the most random crap, and it comes out rather nice.

        And nope, ice, shredded cabbage, and a grated carrot. A no strings attached, healthy drink. You won't catch me eatin a raw carrot or piece of cabbage ever, but blend em together and i'm game for that.


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          Cabbage soup diet claims that it takes more calories to process cabbage (and certain other vegetables) than the food contains. The same idea is claimed by lean protein. It takes more calories to digest the food than the food contains.
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            If you're eating a good variety of veggies, it may also be that because you're getting so many vitamins and minerals, you don't get as many food cravings that would otherwise encourage you to eat more caloric foods. (differentiating between hunger in the satiety sense, and hunger in the "I need... something..." sense)
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              I think that with eating veggies, it's not so much a matter eating the veggies themselves as much as it's a matter that you're not filling up on something more calorie dense. Veggies generally don't have much fat or protein and they do contain complex carbs and not as readily available as the simple ones.


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                SOme people also need the little boost of carbohydrate provided by veggies. I wasn't losing when i was going below 50 carbs a day, at 75-100 I do lose. Everyone is different

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                  Why? Simply put, your body expends more energy to digest vegetables than it gains in the calories provided by them.


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                    In my opinion, its not the veggies that are making you loose weight. It is the lack of the perpetual sugar rush that is the SAD. The amount of veggies you eat may help - this varies from person to person, but cutting out grains is the single most important thing anyone can do for their health.
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                      Here's an obscure one for the veggies and weight loss:


                      Veggies are high in fibre. The fibre is digested in the large intestine by bacteria, which in turns expels butyric acid, which is absorbed/utilized by the body. Butyric acid increases insulin sensitivity. Insulin regulates fat, so less insulin, less fat.