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    On one of her posts she says she doesn't know why she's so tired that week. Um, I can guess - her blood sugar is probably all over the damn place because of all the pepsi, cake, etc. Ugh.


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      Originally posted by cookie View Post
      "Food and eating are two of my favorite things. In fact, those are two of the reasons I became a registered dietitian."
      Sorry, what were we talking about again - food? Right, uhm, when I came to that sentence my eyes glazed over and I started to snore and quickly scrolled down the page. Then closed the browser tab.

      Ah, well. I too thought that was the correct way of eating just a year ago, but I could never keep it up. Why? Because I was so dang hungry and tired all the time.
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        I'm unlikely to forget a conversation I had with a fully qualified, NHS registered dietician at my mum's bedside when she was in hospital with Crohn's. What about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet? I asked (at least a year too late). She said something along the lines of, 'I've never heard of that; who wrote it? What qualifications does she have? As I have qualifications...'

        Erm, OK. Presently she explained her dietary recommendations, and suggested Mum might avoid dairy as lots of people are sensitive to it. Mindful of the ingredients list of her prescribed drinks (supposed to be easy to digest and help her put on weight), I asked, 'Isn't that just the lactose?' No, she said, it was everything in milk - and went on to insist on the importance of consuming those drinks. (Major ingredient - casein.)


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          What bothered me about the nutritionists' post is her saga of gradually 'getting used to' the (awful) taste of skim milk, substituting ground turkey, eating compressed waste product (bran) from milling wheat--and the mental energy it takes to convince oneself its wholesome.
          I've been there. And if its all so wholesome, why would my perfectly attuned physical self shake its head in disgust and say "just get me a goddamn donut already, so I can keep things running until you rustle up some REAL FOOD!"


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            Originally posted by fitmom View Post
            I have to post this link:


            Somehow I ended up on FitDay's email list (I don't know how) and this was in my inbox. I am NOT posting this here to mock the nutritionist, because up until I was diagnosed with wheat and dairy allergies, her post would have been completely reasonable to me.

            Since going primal, I am so much healthier, but this was a good reminder to me of how far away from CW I needed to go to get healthy. Fiber One and skim milk anyone?
            Wow. That nutritionists diet is lacking in nutrients. You don't even have to put it into fitday to see it.

            I guess he/she doesn't use fitday lol
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              Even if we grant her that the nutrients in Fibert1 cereal actually get absorbed (ahahahaha!) it is still deficient. And of course I consider a certain amount of fat to be essential too but speaking strictly from a micronutrient perspective it is shameful. Besides donuts and crack cocaine nutrient deficiency has to be the biggest contributor to poor health.
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                Originally posted by Shrinking_Violet View Post
                I turned to Primalism because I was doing a diet dreamt up by a nutritionist called Zoe Harcombe, and it wasn't working for me. She opined that the reason people were addicted to food was because of one - or more - of 3 things: -

                Food Intolerance

                Phase 1 was Primal (well almost!) You could eat meat, fish, veggies (but NOT fruit because of the fructose, because it's sugar and all 3 of the above are caused, she argued, by sugar cravings) but you could have 50g (if you ate meat/fish) or 150g (if you were vegetarian/vegan) of brown rice. She still ascertained that wholegrains were 'good' carbs and the only 'bad' carbs were sugar and artificial sweeteners.

                Phase 2 is rather akin to the Hay Diet, because it's a non-food combining diet (i.e. you don't eat carbs and fats at the same meal (e.g. if you were having a jacket potato, you couldn't fill it with butter and cheese, you'd have to have something like ratatouille instead).

                Your next meal (and she's very much stuck in the rut of CW, as she does encourage you to eat every 4 hours or so) MUST be a 'fat' meal (so you could have a burger and cheese, but no veg) - she claims it's "easy to follow" but who wants to remember NOT to have butter on their veggies, or whether their last meal was 'carbs' or 'fat'...?! Life's FAR too short! Her favourite breakfasts in P2 are porridge and puffed brown rice cereal.

                THD only eliminates processed carbs (and by that I mean grains) - unprocessed are absolutely fine.

                I'm just reading her eBook as I type this, and she contradicts herself a fair bit. She begins by outlining what hypoglycaemia is and saying that you must eat to avoid your blood sugar getting too low (I reckon she'd have a heart attack if anyone ever told her that fasting is a perfectly safe, natural and healthy thing to be doing!) She maintains that whole carbs do not have the same impact on blood sugar levels as those which have been processed (and we all know that's BS, don't we...?)

                She does go on to add that brown rice is optional, but it does give you useful fibre and energy... Hmm... Phase 1 is supposed to dtoxify your system - and yet you're allowed rice... Another contradiction.

                I'm not saying it's all bad, but she does have so many, many, many things wrong.

                Finally, in her preamble, she states what she believes makes her diet unique: -

                1) It works for everyone (er, no it doesn't)
                2) It's practical (what, remembering whether your last meal was 'fat' or 'carbs', or not to butter their asparagus? Practical? Hardly!)
                3) It can be followed for life (what all this not eating this with that? Bollocks!)
                4) It must be healthy (yep, all that rice, pasta, bread, legumes and spuds - sure is healthy - NOT!)
                5) It must be enjoyable (who's enjoys not having butter on their veg, or not being able to have cream on their berries...?)

                She ends this with: - The Harcombe Diet meets all of the above criteria and I am not aware of another diet that does.

                I'd love to be able to get in contact with her and introduce her to Primalism - she'd probably vanish in a puff of smoke like The Wicked Witch of the West!
                I know this is a few years old but I had to see what the Primal community thought of this Harcombe brit. This post is awesome and totally sums it up! My sister was just telling me the book was confusing and contradictory. And the phase 2 nonsense? Well, yeah, not intuitive or clear at all. Primal is *mostly* so I keep coming back to Primal.

                I spent a measly $8 on the eBook and felt like "WOW someone is talking about Candida, food intolerance and hypoglycemia!", I believe I may have all 3 conditions, including thyroiditis yay me!

                So I immediately started Phase 1. That was a mistake now I know, 3 times over. I did 5 days SUPER low carb but BOY OH BOY that 6th day I was ready to binge on cheese. This has never happened while eating Primal, which made this 5 day phase 1 even easier, since I'm already eating this way for the most part.

                I started having obsessive thoughts about fruit. Wow, this sort of sounds like the same thoughts I had on Weight Watchers YEARS ago over candy and cakes. Trouble is, I lost weight on Weight Watchers.

                This phase 1? I didn't lose more then the 2 pounds! I was hoping for like 5! I didn't cheat at all either. Ugh. I'm sticking with the PB and not thinking I'll lose 5 pounds in five days. Why does this kind of stuff always suck me in? Oh because I'm overweight and want the weight off like, NOW.
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                  Christ....and going to bet the portions of pork and turkey are tiny.

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                    She must be craving the fat in the cookies, poor sap hasn't a clue though.


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                      Wanna see an even 'better' one? This is a common day of food for a 'certified personal trainer' and 'sports nutritionist.'
                      She eats hardly any veggies or fruit. (just potatoes)

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                        That is a totally pathetic days worth of "meals." Every other sentence is "low fat." What a terrible bondage to be constantly fat phobic. She could save a lot of money and just grind up and eat her Fiber One box (with a little skim milk). The cardboard box would have more nutrients than her typical meals.


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                          Originally posted by mayness View Post
                          "I always use ground turkey instead of ground beef because it is lower in fat, and to me, tastes the same."

                          Well no wonder she eats such boring food... she obviously has some seriously dysfunctional taste buds. =P
                          Lol. If she thinks they taste the same...then em, good for her? She can always pick the cheapest option with no downside. I have no idea how somebody would really think they taste the same though.
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                            Actually, sounds like a lot of food, and some of it is pretty good. Like pork with mustard and rice and fruit...

                            I have half a cup of Greek yogurt this morning, then I will have a can of tuna with 1/2 avocado, then 1 c egg whites with 1 egg, 2 c of mixed fruit (mostly melon) before gym, and for supper it will be about 1 c of ratatouille with a bit of liver. For dessert/snack - another 1/2 c of Greek yogurt and maybe an apple or a tbsp of almond butter. Dunno how is it much better than her food. Looks about the same.

                            And you typical Primal eater on this board, will have nothing for breakfast at all because s/he IFs. Then s/h has a coffee loaded with coconut oil, then s/he will eat a steak or pork roast with some spinach on the side or a BAS with a bunch of salmon on top and a handful of berries. (Shrug) The same thing, really, minus fruit and grain. Granted, I won't give a time of day to stupid dry cereal, but a bowl of hot buckwheat with butter or milk and bruit or mushrooms , butter and onions? YOU BET! Or millet cooked with fruit and some quark or quark and peach with a drizzle of honey? Good stuff. I will take that over Primal-beloved eggs in 1,000 creative ways or sausage or bacon any day.

                            I always mix ground turkey with ground beef and pork. Mixed meats tatse better. But I like ground turkey on its own. And ground beef.
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                              Her diet is fine. I wouldn't eat that way, but I imagine it's better than 95% of the population and probably better than a lot of a lot of us primal folk, who cram themselves full of bacon and call it healthy. (I love bacon, but I eat it for enjoyment, not under the pretense it's good for me, it's at best neutral.)

                              Seriously, go back and read the responses in this thread. We sound like a bunch of Vegans talking about primal eaters. This lady has a very decent diet. It's NOT one I would enjoy, but it's fine. She'll probably live a long, healthy life is she keeps it up. Me, I couldn't, but if it works for her, keep doing it. I'm certainly not going to mock her for eating that way.


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                                Her diet isn't fine.
                                Most people seem to forget that dietary fats and cholesterol is the ONLY building blocks of ALL sexual hormones in the human body.
                                Low fat this, no fat that

                                Seriously, this type of diet is one of the things that worsen my condition.
                                You won't get to your genetic potential eating that way.
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