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Help me balance my O3 / O6, plus supplement questions

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  • Help me balance my O3 / O6, plus supplement questions

    I have quite a few questions regarding omega ratios, and I appreciate all the feedback I can get.

    My omega 3 enhanced eggs of choice contain 200 mg of omega 3. The nutrition label on the carton lists total polyunsaturated fat as 1 g (per 1 egg serving). So, do this mean that out of a possible 1,000 mg of polyunsaturated fat, that 200 is omega 3, and 800 is omega 6? Should I be assuming that the other 800 mg is from o6? On NutritionData, the breakdown of an average egg (I'm assuming it's for the standard supermarket variety that has not been enhanced with flax, etc.) is 37 mg omega 3, and 574 mg omega 6 (per 1 egg):
    Should I assume that the omega 3 enhanced eggs are not only higher in omega 3, but also lower in omega 6? Or is the 200 mg / 800 mg assumption correct?

    Also, to balance my omega ratio, I take fish oil supplements. The dosage per capsule is 1,000 mg, yet EPA is only 160, and DHA is 100 (per serving size of 2 capsules, EPA is 320, DHA is 200). Should I account for only the combined EPA and DHA dosage, and not the total when calculating how much to take (ideally trying to match o3 and o6 1:1). For example, would 2 of my supplements contain 2 grams of omega 3, or just 520 mg of omega 3? This would make quite a significant difference when determining the appropriate dosage.

    I fully appreciate all insight that you can offer as I figure out how to balance my omega ratio. Thanks!

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    I can't offer advice on balancing O3 / 06 ratios because I am working on this as well but I can answer your second question about fish oil supplements. You only count the amount of EPA and DHA, so 520mg for your 2 capsules.