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Just got my first delivery of beef from a farm

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  • Just got my first delivery of beef from a farm

    I ordered their small 20lb package. I swear, they don't make it easy to find where to get 100%GF beef around here, and I am in Los Angeles! The big farmer's market only has 1 beef stand, and its high priced and NOT fully 100%GF ... they say "its grass finished" but if you read their marketing material, it says plain-as-day that it is supplemented by barley oats. So I went hunting on the internet...

    I ordered from Open Space Meats - which is in Northern CA. So the weird thing was, I was expecting it to come via UPS or similar, and the owner of the farm dropped off the styrofoam container to my work himself... I guess he was making the rounds! It was cool that I got to ask him a lot of questions - kept him for 20 minutes talking so I had to validate his parking...

    If its tasty, i'll definitely order the 100lb package next time to put in a big freezer. My boss ordered from a different farm a month or so ago and said he definitely didn't care for the taste - so i guess it all depends...

    Anyway, just wanted to share...

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      Keep us posted - I'd like to hear how you like it.

      Correction though: We who live in northern California would say Open Space Meats (along with the entire Bay Area) is in central California, not northern. This is a fun distinction, mostly because it irks the bay area folks.


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        I've ordered from them, too. It's like Christmas with Santa ringing your doorbell. Enjoy!
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          In my brain, i thought Central CA... don't know why I typed Northern.

          LessosMimi - did you like it? The package is sitting here with me at my desk at the office, and I can't wait to open it when I get home!

          Trying to jump into the organic meat, etc. I have been doing PB for 6 months already and have lost just 7 pounds... I am a little sad about it. I do (or did - up until a week ago - torn labrum) crossfit 4 days a week, and I managed to get a lot of muscles, but the fat on top of those muscles? Oh, its not going anywhere...

          ALTHOUGH - i did finally put some stuff into fitday a few days ago - it turns out I was eating a good 1200 calories a day of nuts. Frickin' nuts.


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            I just had a steak of theirs. Tell us what you think of the quality once you cook some up?
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              We loved it! At the time I'd really wished I'd ordered more! I got ground beef, a brisket, a london broil, and ribeyes. It was all fantasteak!
              I'd rather go without than buy conventional red meat now. Just a couple of months ago I cowpooled on a 1/2 an angus cow from another farm around here (I took a quarter of that 1/2). Going for a 1/2 cow all to myself in January.
              Melissa Fritcher - 330/252/150
              Trample the weak, hurdle the dead.


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                1200 calories of nuts??? Wow. Theres your problem.


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                  How many grams of carbs was that. Nuts stall my weight loss, so I have to be careful when I'm trying to drop pounds.
                  Melissa Fritcher - 330/252/150
                  Trample the weak, hurdle the dead.


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                    Grass fed beef definitely has a different taste than what people have come to expect from beef. But once you are used to it...and you taste the other will turn your nose up at the corn fed grossness that you used to accept as beef.

                    I run a buying club in SE PA from a grass-fed beef, lamb, pastured chicken/eggs, and forested pork farm. They deliver once a month. It is awesome! Look into buying clubs...ask around. I'm sure they exist where you live. The buying clubs allow you to get the meat wholesale. For instance, when we go to the farmer's market here, the ground beef is $8.50/lb. I get mine for $3.75 (because I buy it in 20 lbs boxes.) Pastured whole chickens - $15.00/whole bird, with organ meat (compared to $24/bird at the market...) The reason it is so much cheaper is because the **club** has a minimum per month ($1000.00) making it economical for the farmer to make one delivery and sell so much food. You get the picture.

                    Yeah for grass fed meat!
                    Down almost 40 lbs. 70 to go.


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                      It's so neat, meeting the people who grow your food.

                      I buy from two friends within 10 miles of my house, and it comes to me frozen and wrapped, in grocery bags. One sells me lamb, and the other sells me lamb, beef, and recently pork. I never want to buy meat in a store again! I think small producers dealing one on one with customers is the wave of the future. So many times when some nasty change took place, people are told, "well, that's progress, nothing you can do about it." And now, the shoe is about to be on the other foot -- the feedlots and supermarkets can whine all they like, they won't get my business back again. When it comes to growing animals for meat, small is not only better quality, it's more efficient, more ecological, the animals are happier, and it's more financially viable.

                      Two good books: "Holy Shit", by Gene Logsden (and, it's funny ...) and "Salad Bar Beef" by Joel Salatin

                      It does make the health of one's chest freezer important, having hundreds of dollars of frozen grassfed homegrown meat in there.

                      Let us know how you like it.


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                        Way to go. That's what we all should do - Grassfed homegrown meat. No more canned stuff or junk food if health is important, and I do see anything that should be more important than our own health.
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                          So review of Open Space Meats.

                          I bought their ‘small’ package – with a large shipping charge, it came out to be about 8.50/lb after shipping.

                          It was 10 pounds of ground beef, 5 lbs of steak, and 5lbs of roast. I didn’t check the weight when I opened it and put the meats in my freezer, but it seemed more than just 20lbs. The owner/farmer dropped it off, and I asked him about selection – he said its more a ‘expensive steak, less expensive steak, etc."

                          I have tried a top sirloin and a ground beef. The ground beef was really tasty – I made it in a meatza. The top sirloin – I was anxious and cooked it quickly with no seasonings other than some garlic salt. It was a little tougher than I would have liked, but was still pretty delicious. The fat ends were not cooked well and grisly.

                          I am sitting here at work eating some Bay Cities tri-tip that a friends picked up for me. (bay cities is a popular deli down the street - but conventional meats). Its very bland – and it was $14/lb – so ….

                          Over all I give a big thumbs up! I am going to look into freezer chests so I can buy larger amounts and save more per lb.



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                            Freezer chests aplenty on craigslist for ~$100


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                              Check out the efficiency of different chest freezers. My impression is that the new ones are a lot more efficient than older models.

                              Of course you save a lot having a chest freezer instead of an upright, because the cold tends to stay inside better when it is opened.

                              I do have a cute Danish fridge-freezer combination (Vestfrost, the bottom half is a little freezer, the top half is the fridge, and they are not connected. Two tiny little compressors in back.) That at least is a smart upright freezer, because there are big plastic drawers which pull open. So the cold tends to stay in the drawers better than freezers with open racks. Oddly enough, this fridge was carried by Home Depot online.