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any former raw vegans out there? I have some questions...

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  • any former raw vegans out there? I have some questions...

    If any of you were a former raw vegan then you might understand what I have to say. I really want to focus on the nutritious aspects of foods in general. I changed my way of eating because I realized that I was sick all the time for some key reasons. Yes I do strongly believe the eating mostly cooked food is not optimal for me. I do like the energy raw food provides. So I choose to mix it up..Some cooked meats and some raw meats and lots of vegges then limited fruit. I actually used to be more of a fruitiarian and I was so moody and unbalanced all the time.
    I do believe that there's a deep connection to being on more of a indigenous nutrition plan, its much more earthly connected. It's also more realistic for me. There are alot of judgmental people out there about what you eat, food has become this political statement and no longer just about either surviving or thriving.
    I'm very much into herbal medicine and one thing that I got into was making elixirs thanx to Daniel Vitalis (who also is a former raw vegan and now more primal). He taught me so much about thinking outside the box when it came to nutrition. I've read on here alot of people talking about keep dark chocolate at limited quantities. Are you folks talking about processed chocolate? If you are have you ever dabbled into raw cacao? Which is the unprocessed nut of the cacao fruit. I of course believe everything in moderation and mix it up. I was just wondering if anyone out there is on this similar journey...~ bless to all

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    I have raw cacao powder in the house...and a block of 100% cacao (which has been processed)

    you have to be careful not to heat the raw cacao too much as it destroys the natural raw goodness., try adding it to coffee to make it mocha-y! or in a smoothie, or stirred in yoghurt!
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      Former raw vegan here (I was also 811 RV during my last year of RV).
      I am of the strong belief that just because it's raw doesn't mean it good for you.
      Case in point is cacao and maca......there is a reason *native* people's cook both. You can do research, it's there if you look for it. I find raw cacao more taxing on the adrenals than the cooked stuff. Actually eating raw cacao got me off of liking chocolate in the first place because it's darn awful (the only okay raw cacao I have tasted was sweetened with coconut sugar- it still had that bitter untempered taste and I like dark chocolate when I like it (which thankfully is not often).
      The raw movement (David Wolfe) has sensationlized certain foods that were never meant to be eaten raw. I also take issue with people combining Chinese herbs into smoothies.......that's not how it's supposed to be- it affects the energetic outcome and every TCM herbalist (I'm not one, I was only trained as an acupuncturist) I've mentioned this to has laughed at how ridiculous these new-fangled
      herbal *alchemists* formulas are. Just have a look at any of DW's videos.
      Sorry to be so down- I just think the term raw is so overhyped and has created health damage for numerous people (myself included).

      One more thing- cacao fruit is actually good- animals eat it and spit the seeds out (the stuff we eat) am thinking they know better as their natural instincts are stronger.

      When I got off 811 I experimented with a raw instincto diet. It was neat- I ate oysters for 2 weeks straight and I do think such a diet is the original primal way living in the tropics picking coconuts and fishing , gathering seafood etc; it was just difficult social wise and I found I was not getting enough variety veggie wise as you can't cut anything/even prepare a salad as it's done by sniffing out what your body needs. Anyways the 2 main proponents (Roman and Antje) have done a lot of good research.
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        thank you primal lady...I completely agree with you on the cacao issue...I wasn't able to find alot of info on gene-fit seems that what I found was some more tropical raw foodist...but I'm interested. When I got into cacao I was really interested in maca at the same time. Maca was never eaten raw in traditional form. The Mayans used cacao in a hot drink and it was never sweet. I see alot of people in the RF movement afraid to step out of the box.....thank you for your reply


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          You are welcome. Try this link and see of it works- it's the Genefit tutorial.


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            I dabbled in raw veganism, and while I enjoyed the taste of the foods (but not the tedious preparation and organisation) always in the back of my mind there was this voice saying "do you mean we're NEVER eating meat again?"

            For me I eat about 50% raw veggies and 50% slightly cooked veggies, I still want to have to use my teeth to chew my food, not just mush the broccoli up and swallow it. Fruit is occasional at best. And while we do need to maintain an alkaline:acid balance of 80:20, eating all raw doesn't make you balanced.

            @primallady, thanks for that link, never heard of it before, but it looks interesting.


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              I was a raw food vegan for a few years who had my own website and even taught classes about how to prepare raw vegan gourmet meals. I was surprised when someone on here yesterday posted about Paul Nison who switched over to eating eggs, milk and meat. This way of eating is sooo much easier. In my opinion it took alot of "brain power and determination or mind over matter" to eat raw vegan. Why? Because I was always hungry!!! I hated going out with my friends eating a salad of only raw veggies while they chowed away on steaks. Now its the opposite. I eat the big steak and veggies cooked in butter while they are eating low fat tastless food. I LUV IT!!!


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                Missprimal- I taught RV classes too- I felt weird doing it because I knew I was not eating optimal (having eaten optimal before) but got scared by a health diagnosis and felt I could jump on the RV bandwagon again because the prior 3 times I must not have been doing it right since I went back to eating eggs, raw fish, grassfed meats and raw goat dairy LOL. I happily call myself a raw vegan failure!


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                  I've been reading Mark's blog for a while. And while although I was a big member on 30bananasaday, did 811 to a tee, became an awesome endurance athlete, thought I knew all there is to know - the result is I've relearned my life motto: "NOTHING IS ABSOLUTE." 2 years of the high fruit diet has left me with paper-thin teeth, diabetes like symptoms (although blood sugar is pretty normal) I've got a numb toe and had the constant run to the bathroom or I'll pee my pants going on 15 times a day.

                  Although, I was so gung-ho about being frugivore, I knew (through studying anthropology) that meat has been in our diet for a long time. And 10,000 years of evolution has had a great affect on our diet/physiology even though we don't like to accept such a thought (even paleo/primal diets don't accept this). Lactose tolerance is a perfect example that we have evolved. Or even if you look at Weston Price's research, the facial deformities that happen through improper nutrition compared the parents' jaw structure is astonishing. If you look around at a public place, you'll see the same trend he pointed out: parents with nice high cheek bones and strong wide jaws, children with huge overbites, tiny jaws and skinny faces with insane tooth crowding and prone to many diseases and problems. (I fit the model compared to my parents/grandparents as well)

                  After including raw dairy and cooked veggies/meats and raw meats into my diet, my teeth have improved a hell of a lot. I feel like I can bite into an apple and not be scared of chipping or losing a tooth. While although it is hard to feel full after coming from eating 3-5000 calories a day of 8-20lbs of fruit, the weight gain (even if a little fat) I'm plenty happy with! Its been only 3 weeks and I'm already curling 30s when before I was struggling with 20s, I've gone from an emaciated 115-120 to 135. Primal, paleo, raw, fruitarian, bunch of lard to me now. I'll just call myself a "whole-foodarian."


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                    I take it you are not on 30bad anymore? LOL, not after what you just posted. What was your name on there (several of us on here are very familiar with the peeps on there although I never joined that forum) ?

                    Yeah, I lost all my strength when I went 811RV- I did it for about 9 months- the results were pretty dismal for me though and I had to stop working out because all I wanted to do was sleep and could barely make it out of bed. It takes time to recover from that sort of dietary abuse (high sugar) depending on how hard your adrenals were hit. It's been a little over 2 years for me and I resisted eating meat for the majority of that time. I still don't eat very much and it tastes a bit odd (bloody) after being raw vegan for over 4 years.

                    One thing I thank my lucky stars about- I never subjected my fetus's to that deficient diet. I knew from Price's work, Price Pottenger etc; that pregnant women need special nutrition. Many of the raw vegan babies scared me- not all but the pure fruitarian kids- wow, it's quite sad. Some have never eaten a green vegetable. And they are emaciated and drawn. They have the classic facial deformities Price spoke of. I reckon eating McDonald's everyday over that would result in better formed jawlines.
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                      I was never a RV, but I have to say, you guys have had a very cordial conversation, even when presenting different opinions. I love it and have to say the meat/fat suits you well

                      YumYam, were you dragged over here in the great trolling?

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                        Sorry, I'd prefer not to give out my name.

                        I forgot to mention, I also couldn't have a sex drive at all, even if I tried.

                        Good thing you didn't do it for the kids. I think a high fruit diet can still be optimal, but without the fat-soluable vitamins, at least for me - the teeth will fall out, & libido are a no-go


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                          Yum Yam......
                          Fo sho.
                          (I'm on 30bad, same name. Shh, its a secret!)


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                            Oh, and to NutMeg:

                            Not sure what "dragged over here by the great trolling" means?

                            But the super ethical vegans on that forum (moderators mostly) will bash Sisson and Primal like muslims and catholics.


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                              Talk about sex drive.. hahahahahaha!!! Yeah, I have to agree, mine was nill to NONE! I really thought it was because of some hormonal problem that I didn't know about. That is until I stumbled upon the primal diet and it is off the hook! I'm like Wow! Its there! Its funny to read on the raw forums because most influential people like David Wolf and Paul Nison will address that problem as " oh its a good thing not to be thinking about sex all the time and have a high sex drive" huh??? NO ITS NOT! But ofcourse they convince people of that craziness!