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  • Thanks for the update john !!

    Perfect timing. I just found this thread last night and just finished reading it and .. poof... there was your update. I'm on Day 2 of Primal/Paleo and had my annual physical Friday ... the day before I started this. I will get my blood tests next week. Then I'll go back in 6 months and get them re-done. This discussion has been very informative. Thanks to everyone !!!


    • Originally posted by captaineight View Post
      Agree with choppedliver.

      Don't make the mistake that paleolithic is synonymous with some kind of low-carb-Taubes-Atkins-quackery that seems to have hijacked this place. It's not. It's about eating healthy, organic, natural foods.
      captaineight - could you elaborate on that for this newbie please?

      I know that Primal/Paleo is low carb in that it eliminates grains and legumes.
      I have heard that Atkins is low carb.

      What are the differences in philosophy?


      • Another question...

        cillakat posted these equations earlier in the thread. Where do these formulas come from? Who says this is true?

        Just a newbie trying to learn.. TIA

        Originally Posted by cillakat

        Just figure out the ratios here:
        Total/HDL ____ (optimal is ≤3...average is 4.5)
        HDL/Total ____ (optimal ≥ .24, under .24 is low, less than .1 is high risk)
        Trig/HDL ____ (optimal is ≤2)
        LDL/HDL ____ (optimal is ≤ 4.3)
        HDL/LDL ____ (optimal is ≥ .4)


        • Susan, not sure where she got that data for the ratios, but she does research her stuff pretty well. I am not sure if she comes on the forums anymore or not.


          • thanks John !!


            • Originally posted by codeguy
              I don't think people on these boards should be solitiing medical advice when it comes to things like choesterol--you can't just dismiss the numbers as "outdated thinking of conventional wisdom". The truth of the matter is that there are many people who will develop severe hypercholestorsemia on these high saturated fat "Paleo" type diets--its not a one-size-fits-all solution for everone. From a numbers perpective, john_e_turn_ii's cholesterol was near was most doctors consider perfect before he started this diet. His cholesterol is now elevated to the level most doctors consider dangerous. Yes, I have read the books (The Cholesterol Myth and others) that would suggest otherwise, but there is tons of research from non-biased organziations (like the World Health Organization) that indicate that these elevated cholesterol levels are indeed dangerous.
              Codeguy, thanks for the comments and concern. However, my doctor was willing to test my elevated LDL to determine if it was the small dense or larger fluffy, which determined it was the safe larger fluffy kind. He by no means says my cholesterol numbers are "dangerous" by any standard. However, as a medical doctor, he is required to warn me of the risks of my elevated level, and that the standard currently is to recommend statins. However, he knows that I will not take them, and understands why. Because I have not other risk factors whatsoever, he considers my lab results and overall health to be excellent.


              • I thought I would keep this running. It's almost 3 years now since I started PB/paleo. Below are my December 2012 labs, which look pretty good, at least based on CW criteria. Total cholesterol improved, but is still a little hight based on medical standards. Everything else is considered normal. My doctor said he is not concerned about my total cholesterol since my "good" cholesterol is so high.

                One thing that I changed in the last several months before this test was switching to a Leangains style diet. Not so much the IF part, since I have done that for a long time, but more the higher carb/low fat on training days and low carb/higher fat on non-training days. Overall, I dropped the fat considerably compared to how I was eating previously.

                Chol/HDLC Ratio 2.4 (calc) Normal < OR = 5.0
                Cholesterol, Total 230 mg/dL Abnormal 125-200
                HDL Cholesterol 94 mg/dL Normal > OR = 40
                LDL-Cholesterol 125 mg/dL (calc) Normal <130
                Triglycerides 53 mg/dL Normal <150