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    Originally posted by Acteon View Post
    It has a lot more of both of these nutrients than its 'cousin' swiss chard:
    oooh, thanks so much! i love beet greens and *definitely* feel the boost when I eat them.


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      Thanks for this thread, I am learning so much!


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        cillakat, I have a fairly small appetite and also tend to stick with water as my only/main liquid, so don't do much juicing. I try to eat plenty of veggies each day, but even if I stuff myself, probably can't consume more than ~4-5 servings per day. I'm almost certain that I'm severely deficient in potassium. If you (or anyone else) happen to know:

        a) Why are potassium supplements only sold in 99 mg increments?

        b) If the actual recommended daily value is sooo much larger than those found in the 99 mg tabs, is it a good/neutral/terrible idea to take many of these tabs each day? I know that taking too much potassium can cause kidney issues; at the same time, if the recommended dose is so high, is it really going to hurt to get at least a few hundred mg via supplements?

        c) Is the form of potassium found in supplements functionally any different than the form found in veggies? Would ingesting a particular dose of potassium via veggies vs. supplements make a difference?


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          Originally posted by TheGrappler View Post
          Hey, KG, you have my initials and you like samurai champloo, awesome!

          Ive been using magnesium malate. I feel great and sleep is really good.

          I want to try magnesium primarily for sleep and recovery. Is this the one your using ?.