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    Is there any harm to consuming 2 packets of Sun Crystals with my morning coffee? Would doing so produce a serious insulin response or affect my attempt to lose the last bits of body fat I carry and prevent me from getting down into single digits?

    Each packet contains only 5 calories and 1 gram of sugar and 1 gram of carbs. It's made from pure cane sugar and stevia and it's all natural. I can't imagine 1 gram of carbs having any real impact on my body as long as I do not over indulge.


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    IMO it was not the carbs but the white sugar that made me pass on Sun Crystals.


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      A standard packet of sugar is 15 calories (~4g carb -- all sugar...uh, well yeah! )

      So...Sun Crystals is a 67% reduction in calories and a 75% reduction in carb. In the grand scheme of things, the 10 calories you get from two packets and the 2g of refined carbohydrate are probably insignificant IMHO if you are within the 80/20. Even Mark admits he puts real sugar in his coffee in the AM:

      Just don't let 2 turn in to 2 more in iced tea at lunch and then 2 more in some coffee or tea at night. 1st time buyer $5 discount code: GIS836


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        I went ahead and purchased the sun crystals and have started to use it my coffee. The sweetness is nice but the aftertaste is something that one has to get used too. As for the effect that those 2 carbs have on my system? I don't know yet. It's only been a week.

        BTW, I limit myself to just the 2 packs a day.