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    Congrats! Sometimes you have to take it one day at a time.

    It's my pleasure. I'd been doing Survival Week for a while now, but I have to say it's so much more fun when you all join in with me!


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      Woo-hoo Maba!


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        Wow, the second day went without hunger.

        B: I/F

        L : Big salad and a can of sardines in olive oil.

        S: 2 tablespoons of sunflower seed butter.

        D: 2 grassfed hot dogs. 1/4 cup walnuts.

        Total calories at this point: 1070. I may eat a little bit of chicken later on (150-200 calories' worth) if I feel hungry.

        Exercise: 1 hour and 15 minutes yoga. 20 minutes weight lifting.


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          I forgot to say 27.5 carbs. 69% fat, 29% protein.


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            Sounds like everyone is doing fabulous!

            I think I am probably close to 60 carbs today cuz I added cantaloupe and almond butter to what I had listed above. I walked 30 minutes during lunch and then another hour after work on the trail with several sprints. Saw a rattlesnake but did not attempt to catch it ^_^ There was a lady on the trail with her 2 dogs and she had stopped to look and I called out to her asking what was there- she was so scared she said "It's a skattlerake!" Skattlerake instead of rattlesnake- lol. I thought it was cute.


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              HEY! Last to post yesterday and first to post today. What's everyone doing?

              eggs, coconut oil, canadian bacon, lunch at Red Robin with a friend (chicken salad of some kind), cherries, almonds, salmon, cauliflower, cod liver oil

              Will probably hit the trail again after work.


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                Ok, I'm close to 18 hours of IF. I packed some coconut pieces to snack on if I felt hungry. I was hoping for a 20 hour fast and to break it with this nice porterhouse steak. What do y'all think? Wait it out or eat the coconut pieces, as 18 hours is my longest-to-date anyway?


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                  I say hold out for the steak and have the coconut for dessert. If you've already gone 18 hours, going another 2 should be easy!

                  That being said, I don't think its the end of the world if you eat the coconut now, its a prime snack choice and isn't going to derail your fasting efforts.

                  Now I want both coconut and steak.... and I'm starting my IF now haha...


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                    maba, you are probably done with your fast by now. What did you end up doing?

                    Good luck on yours, ccarrigan.

                    I am working on getting a massive headache right now. My salad at lunch did not have enough meat in it.


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                      let's see....

                      B: Omelet


                      Dinner: some tequila grilled chicken with dijon and chives. YUM. And some boring cauliflower and broccoli

                      S: artichoke and a glass of red wine (alcohol isn't my vice, if I can't have almond butter, give me a glass of red)

                      Carbs are prolly close to 50 today b.c of the choke and veg

                      I dug out an old school Firm workout today. It was awesome. Those original ones are hard. Seriously, they would give old Horton a run for his money.


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                        I was stuck in traffic for almost an hour and I ate the coconut - 1/2 a dehydrated coconut - the moment the clock turned 6 - my first 20 hour IF. Have to go cook the steak now, but am hoping to get in a quick weights session before that.


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                          OMG, you guys are doing great!

                          I'm seriously having some cravings right now. I want fruit so bad but I have nothing in the house. I just chowed down some pork rinds and some sunflower seeds, but they didn't hit the spot. I want an apple! I'm almost considering walking to the ice cream shop/fruit stand to buy some fruit. That doesn't count as groceries, does it?

                          B: IF

                          L: Raw zucchini and green beans, egg salad with lots of spices.

                          D: Big bowl of soup (pork, onion and mushroom), pork rinds with mayo/mustard/hot sauce mixed, and sunflower seeds.

                          Carbs: 38-ish


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                            B: IF

                            L: 1 tbsp of sunflower seed butter, 1 egg, 1 carrot

                            D: A can of wild sockeye from Whole Foods. Handful of bluberries and raspberries, and a slice of apple. (I had major fruit cravings, but managed to weigh the fruit and come under the daily allotment of carbs.)

                            45 gram carbs. F43/P30/C22.734 calories total.

                            I did have a migraine today, developed possibly because I had my coffee and food too late (at 2 p.m.), so consequently I didn't move much and didn't eat much. But I think I might grab some protein shake with coco milk later on so that my muscles are not depleted.


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                              Just posted this on my journal:

                              - No almonds today

                              - 20 hour IF

                              - Carbs under 50

                              B/f & L : IF (20 hours)

                              S: 1/2 dehydrated coconut


                              Porterhouse steak cooked in ghee

                              Zucchini-yellow string bean stir fry

                              Salsa Verde

                              slightly frozen coconut milk + cocoa w/ fresh blueberries (yummy)


                              30 min walk


                              Fat: 76 % - 144.7g

                              Protein: 16% - 62.2g

                              Carbs: 8% - 35.5g

                              Total calories: 1642

                              I'm happy about the 20 hour IF. Although I wasn't particularly hungry, I had this nagging feeling to munch on something. It wasn't craving but just something I could chew on. Didn't want to drink green tea either, so kept sipping hot water.


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                                I completely and utterly devastated my fast. I ate two apples at basketball practice and almost ate another one just now. tragic. oh well. I will attempt the fast again for my dinner tomorrow night.

                                I have such a difficult time keeping my carbs under 50g I am such a fruit junkie. Plus the fact that I don't have any meat in the house, and the only protein sources I have are eggs and almonds. Survival week is hard dangit!

                                Too bed! Where the carbs can't get me!