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    That's it! Having just finished eating close to 70 (or more) almonds since this morning, I decided I need to do something about my addiction. I may not be able to follow all of them, but I'll start with giving up almonds for this week.


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      Woah, rough day.

      Finally, the overtime is OVER!

      B: IF

      L: I almost IF-ed, but ended up eating about 2 cups of a zucchini that a co-worker surprised me with, and a couple boiled eggs I'd taken with me. I actually did have to forage the break room for condiments- salt, pepper, mustard.

      D: A pork chop, an egg, some mushroom and onion soup, a few pork rinds with mustard, a few almonds, and half an avocado. I'm stuffed!

      I can't wait to get back to the gym tomorrow! Woot woot!


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        B: 2 eggs and 2 strips of bacon

        L: IF

        D: 2 pieces of a roasted rack of lamb with fresh lemon juice sprinkled on top, salad with olive oil and lemon juice, two smallish tomatoes from the garden.

        16 carbs total.

        This is about 918 calories, and while I'm not hungry, I might snack on walnuts later on because the caloric intake seems too low.

        Exercise: 40 minutes of gentle yoga in the morning, cleaning the closet later, and an hourlong tennis lesson at night.


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          B - IF

          L - Zucchini and onion salad and a 'small' handful of almonds

          S - 1/2 cup shredded chicken, 1/2 cup black beans

          D - Almonds, shredded coconut, 1/2 cup blueberries

          Coincidently I skipped my usual french press coffee this morning, thinking it might make the IF harder. I meant to bring some grounds and my press to work but forgot, and therefore didn't have my usual afternoon coffee either. I had a pretty bad headache all day which has made me decide that I am giving up coffee for the rest of 'survival week'. It's funny, I never thought of myself as 'dependant' on it, but obviously my body is...

          Day One Done! Whoop!


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            40 total carbs for today. I made the vampire chicken into the curry salad that Elana had posted. Also had a cucumber and a tomato instead of broccoli.

            Was supposed to P90X it but some work crap occurred and I didn't get it done. Oh well.


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              Last nights dinner:

              Chicken drumsticks

              cabbage and balsalmic vinegar


              coconut milk

              young coconut water and meat

              Since reducing sugar, Ive been having 'fruit cravings', and energy lows. Hope these will subside..


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                re: Coffee

                I have been trying to kick the habit since it became my lifeblood through University. Yesterday was my first day with out coffee (since 6PM the night before). Around 12noon, I starts to develop a migraine.

                Is this normal caffeine withdrawal? Has anyone experienced muscle pain (from old injuries) after their muscles started to relax because of the caffeine reduction?

                My neck is killing me and my headache has it hopeful moments of disappearing but it won't.


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                  thebkon: Caffeine withdrawal can definitely cause headaches and fatigue.

                  Yesterday's stuff:

                  B: skipped


                  -3 eggs scrambled in bacon fat


                  -chicken breasts with cheese and veggies

                  -two glasses of milk (really high milk intake for me)


                  -2 mile walk (which was not the brightest idea in 90 degree weather)

                  About 1000 cal and 30-40g carbs.


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                    On tap today:

                    Eggs, coconut oil, canadian bacon, vampire chicken turned curry salad, cucumber, avocado, almonds, cherries, salmon, cauliflower, cod liver oil

                    I need to run. I feel very grouchy and depressed today. Work stuff.


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                      thebkon: To avoid headaches, phase out caffeine verrrry gradually. Drink one ounce less each day or something like that.

                      Personally, I'm with DCKMB and PJAP: I'm keeping my coffee (though I did go down on my daily amount.)


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                        coffee = heaven


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                          I didn't get my morning swim and I had a carb-fest yesterday in the form of blueberries, nuts & Blackberry muffins. (Sounds funny now that I am Primal when I hear about our 'cheats' or over indulgences, which are about 80% better than our OLD CW cheats like, say ice-cream, candy, cake, etc! But still, they add up!).

                          I'm a little bloated from the carbs yesterday AND I have yet to IF!

                          I guess what I am saying here, is I WANT to join you all, but I am not hitting the ground running :-D

                          OK, I will IF through lunch and then a big pot roast for dinner!

                          Breakfast was 5 pieces of low-sodium bacon (couldn't find nitrate-free though!!! Hmmmmf!), 3 eggs microed with butter and a small blackberry muffin (made with almond meal & coconut flour and some chopped walnuts)...oh yeah, and coffee with nasty creamer and a packet of sugar.

                          Man I need to get my groceries in check!!!


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                            Phew! Today is so much better than yesterday re: no coffee. I woke up brilliantly at 5 am and haven't had a headache all day. Awesome.

                            Anyways, food intake so far today:

                            Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 strips bacon, handful of basil - omelette (really good btw)

                            Snack: Nectarine and Apple with Almond Butter

                            Lunch: Zucchini and Red Cabbage Salad with Olive Oil and a apple cider vinegar, 2oz Almonds

                            Dinner: IF

                            Feeling really awesome today, hoping to avoid the late night emotional eating/craving when I get home from coaching. Anyone have any strategies?


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                              Keep it up!

                              I think I did pretty good. I might have overate a little at dinner though.

                              B: IF

                              L: 1 cup raw zucchini (slices), some peas and green beans from the garden, egg salad made with mayo, spicy mustard and cajun spices.

                              D: A pork chop, some pork rinds with mayo/spicy mustard mixed, the last 3/4 of my avocado and tons of sunflower seeds.

                              Carbs: 45-50. That was close!


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                                I'm glad to announce that I didn't eat any almonds today. Will update my Journal after I have dinner. Thanks for initiating this challenge Diana.