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  • Eating enough

    Hi all,

    Started the Primal Leap today (a bit early).

    Does it get any easier eating all the food? I kinda struggled with my evening meal, but wondered if I should try to eat it all or just stop if i'm full?

    I was worried that I wouldn't get enough fat/protein to keep me going if I don't eat my quota


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    There will be times when you'll eat less...times when you'll eat more.

    The goal isn't to 'eat until you're full'. That's typically overeating. Eat until you're just 'not hungry'.

    The rest will work it out assuming you're not zinc deficient. A good multi is a good idea.

    For men, I like Rainbow Light Men's Just Once
    For women, I like Rainbow Light Women's Just Once (if eating red meat daily and if there is NO issue with anemia ever) or Natrol My Favorite Multiple Take One Original if eating red meat just a few times a week OR if anemia has ever been an issue.

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      If you force yourself to eat you are doing it wrong.

      Quota? Protein maybe but there is no fat quota.

      That being said getting full too fast is a problem a lot of people here would like to have.

      If you are full simply stop eating.
      Don't be a paleotard...


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        Thanks guys, that's good advice. I think I was worried from the protein front but I see I could just add a protein shake to balance that out.

        As per quota I have worked out my daily intake from the Primal Leap workbook..... Which is what I meant by quota :-)