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Why am I so hungry on PB?

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  • Why am I so hungry on PB?

    I fell off the wagon yesterday and had a subway sammich for lunch. I was full until well into the evening, even though we walked for 3+ hours at the renaissance fair we went to (me pushing a stroller up and down steeeeeep hills) and then playing video games with my husband at Dave and Busters.

    This not 45 minutes ago, I ate 2 eggs this am with some butter and onions, green peppers and olives and now I am hungry again.

    I am trying to hard to do PB because I truly believe in the philosophy, but find myself hungry and gaining weight on it (I have not had grains in weeks until yesterday).

    I hate this :-(!

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    Maybe it is the eggs. I have 2 1/2 eggs in the morning (fried in avocado oil) with some bacon and about 3 1/2 hours later, like clockwork, I get hungry. But with my other meals this does not happen. Mainly with breakfast. Hmmmmmm.....

    Maybe have more fatty foods with you eggs to make em stick.


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      From personal experience, when I used to fall off the wagon I would get crazy hungry for fat sources; usually I would be downing heavy fat sources for a day or two...I would just slather butter on everything (college meal plans so butter is cheap and easy fat source) just to satiate myself. Now-a-days I don't have that anymore, if I have some bread or non-primal carbs I can just transition right back to PB with no super fat cravings.
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        I don't know how long you've been doing PB, but I felt that way at first, too. It went away after a couple weeks. Also, the sandwich probably had a lot more calories in it than the eggs.


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          Yeah I agree, probably calories. Which of course doesn't make sense considering your gaining weight, unless you mean you gained weight after that glycogen enhancing subway sammy.
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