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How do I moderate my protein intake, up fats WITHOUT eating cooked veg?

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  • How do I moderate my protein intake, up fats WITHOUT eating cooked veg?

    This is the problem: - I loathe, detest and despise cooked veggies in ALL their forms! I would sooner eat white pudding or bull's bladder, or something equally vile than eat cooked veg. I ONLY eat salad. End of.

    I have just done a mental calculation of my protein intake today - it came to around 200g. The plant matter I eat is as follows

    All salad greens (lettuce, rocket, spinach (hate it cooked) chard, watercress, etc.)
    Salad onions

    Think you get the idea. I hate root veg anyway (inc. potatoes) - anything you can have in a salad, I will eat, anything that requires cooking, I won't. I can't cook anyway, I'm not coordinated enough to use the oven (read my sig - I'm autistic)

    I will stress over this, because I don't understand it, and the more I read the less I understand. Cutting out grains is easy, but I eat a lot of dairy, do I count the carbs in that? What about fruit? Salad?

    Like I said, I've calculated my protein needs to be just 42g per day (the amount in one 5oz chicken breast). i would sooner gouge out my own eyes with rusty skewers than eat cooked veg. Seriously. I hate it that much. So, this might be easy for you, but I'm finding it impossible. I can't think of anything more vile than asparagus covered in butter (yes I can - cauliflower cheese!) I've never met a cooked veggie I didn't hate.

    This is what I have in the cupboards/fridge/freezer at the moment: -






    Salad onions


    Double cream
    Single cream
    Creme fraiche
    Cottage cheese
    Blue cheese
    Greek yoghurt

    Berries (raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries)

    Nuts (almonds, macs, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, pine nuts, walnuts)

    Seeds (flax, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame)


    Tinned tomatoes
    Eggs (these really are a staple - I can eat up to 10 a day sometimes)

    Think I've covered everything.

    My exercise at the moment is limited to walking the 2 miles or so into town and back at the moment. Lifting anything too heavy isn't an option, and I have a dodgy knee so I can't run. I can't afford a gym membership.

    I'm jsut about ready to give up. I feel so BLOATED all the time, I'm permanently constipated (even though I eat flaxseeds every day).

    REMEMBER: - I might not be overweight as far as the scales go, but every online body fat calculator I've used has given me a BF% of between 30 and 35%. This makes me nudging up towards BF obesity, and there seems to be little I can do to change that. If I don't eat much meat and I don't eat much dairy - then what DO I eat? I HONESTLY CANNOT eat cooked veg - it's like I'm allergic to it or something (seriously, I'm NOT kidding!)

    I can't go back to eating starchy carbs again, as I know how ill I feel when I do, but it seems there's nothing I can eat!

    Yes, I am paranoid about this, and I will remain paranoid about this, until someone helps me figure it all out (because, I know you've all tried your best, but it still makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever).

    So, tell me how I keep my protein to a max of 50g per day, and up my fats without eating cooked veg?

    Thanks very much

    La tristesse durera toujours...

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    One way to add in fat w/out protein is to make smoothies made w/ coconut milk. Fruit and coconut milk, and you could make them 'green smoothies' adding greens to them as well. You can also make coconut oil bark (cocoa powder mixed w/ coconut oil--= parts I think, plus honey or stevia or no sweetener depending on what you like. You could add nuts as well.)

    Just a couple of ideas!
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      I use coconut/flax seed oil as its 100% fat.No protein, no carbs and no water, oil is 100% fat. Easy.


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        A good egg mayo on the salad...or even just olive oil. Do you drink tea or coffee?...try them with cream, it's a little different but it gets my fat higher...umm, avocadoes, but you mentioned the guac....doesn't seem to me as if you need to cook vege if you don't like them...I'm eating more raw stuff now than I have ever in my life and loving it - although that mayo makes it palatable...I've been a roast vege freak for a long time, but no longer!

        To really get a good idea of what you're eating in terms of carbs, fat and protein try an online claulator like Fitday, Sparkpeople, Daily Burn and I'm sure there are others...all the foods are calculated for you or you can create your own using the info on the food container...once set up it's much less stressful and a whole lot quick!!

        Hope you find an answer that works for you...


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          Avocado is a good option too.
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          Screw "moderation"!!


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            too much carbs in avo though..


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              Originally posted by Donk View Post
              too much carbs in avo though..
              To each his own, buddy... most of us here aren't afraid of the avocado carb.
              Starting weight, June 10, 2010: 213 pounds
              Current weight, October 31, 2010: 177 pounds
              Goal: Happiness, Health, Hotness

              Screw "moderation"!!


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                  I've found that cooked veggies are more palatable if you cook them in butter. This seems to work with the 3 year old and I imagine she is a tougher crowd than most... also, roast! Roasted veggies with salt and pepper and ghee? YUMMMMM.