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The whole family is on board!

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  • The whole family is on board!

    We finally found a way of eating we can all agree on! I have 3 kids- 10, 4 and 11 months. I have been on the dieting yo-yo my whole life (seriously-since 4th grade). And I'm fatter than ever. After my last baby, who caused me to slip a disc in my back during delivery (still recovering!), I've known we must do something rational, easy and SANE!! I've been trying to figure out something that was healthy and could work in everyday life, I've tried too many things that require that I eat seperate food from the reast of the family- but I'm supposed to continue cooking for them. Total FAIL! It's a blessing I found PB.

    I've never been a huge meat fan-but I like chicken. We don't eat fish, but will supplement. The meat part makes my hubby and kids happy and the veggies make me happy! We've had a few days of talking about it, what changes to expect, and what we will/will not eat. I grocery shopped tonight and for the first time there's no bread in my fridge!

    Does anyone else out there have their whole family on board? Or, are you the family cook and have everyone eating the same thing?

    Any recommendations for those of us with kids?