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Do carbs really increase Triglycerides?

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  • Do carbs really increase Triglycerides?

    At the moment I'm confused.
    I started eating low carb on May 1 of this year.
    Before I started, my lipid panel was:
    TC: 173
    HDL: 47
    LDL: 90
    TRG: 217

    After two months of eating low carb (~100gms/day), my lipid panel was:
    HDL: 60
    LDL: 82
    TRG: 127
    GREAT! I was a believer!

    A couple weeks ago I decided to go ketogenic to lose the last nagging 10 pounds (<20gms/day of carbs, 70% of my calories from fat with ½ of that saturated fat). I happened to have another blood test 2 weeks after starting. The results:

    TC: 101
    HDL: 54
    LDL: not measureable
    TRG: 361!!

    What is going on?? My daily carb intake was < 20gm/day. The ketostix were dark purple every day.

    I'm really bummed. After doing some web research, I've found some indication that a ketogenic diet can possibly cause pancreatitis ... which can also be caused by high triglyceride levels. Is there a connection? In any event, I'm back to ~100gms/day again of carbs and I plan to check with the doctor in a couple weeks. I might mention that the last blood test was done by a different lab … maybe they made a mistake?!?! I’d appreciate any comments.


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    With the LDL not measurable, looks more like they messed up the lab test to me.

    I would recommend a lab do over.

    I've never heard of the pancreatitis link to ketogenic diet. Were you consuming alcohol while going ketogenic?
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      No alcohol.
      LDL is unmeasurable (unable to calculate) due to the high Triglyceride value. LDL would have been negative.


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        In answer to the thread title, yes, high carbs is associated with high tri's.
        Of course, that doesn't mean nothing else could be.

        Did your doc give you those numbers? The whole panel sounds screwy.
        100TC sounds like a 15bmi no-fat vegan number.

        My first 2 tests were much like yours.
        I've been VLC/borderline keto most of the last ten years and never heard anything about my tri's going back up.
        On the other hand if you're happy with 100g/day there is no compelling reason to go keto.
        Once you fix your metbolism by dumping the toxic amount of carbs weight loss goes back to calories balance.

        Did you fast for the last test? I think fatty meals raise tri levels temporarily.
        Were you eating any of the low-carb products with sugar-alchohols?


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          Well your not eating carbs and your Tri's go up..WTF?


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            High tri's are from simple sugars, refined carbs and polyunsat's so there is something else going on here. Also, it wouldn't swing that much in 2 weeks, so the test appears faulty.


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              Thanks everyone for your comments. I fasted for 14-16 hours before the lab test.
              I'm convinced the lab work must be incorrect .. so I'll have it done again.