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Primal Crockpot Recipes??

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  • Primal Crockpot Recipes??

    I use my crockpot so much in fall for soups, stews etc and I am wondering how I am gonna do it without beans (yikes) but I am going to give the PB a serious go! any recipes for the crockpot you all can share?

    P.S my kids and hubby refuse to go primal (he is a huge meat and potato guy) so I alway have to do a starch for them on the side(what a pain!)

    xoxxxo Darlene

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    Will they do sweet potatoes? That's at least somewhat better than regular! You could be sneaky and make the jambalaya from this site, it's SO GOOD! And uses caulifower instead of rice.

    There's a chili recipe here too that I'm going to try (with a few tweaks, I don't like cinnamon in my chili), and I found a cabbage roll crock pot recipe that I'm doing tomorrow. That one is from, another good blog! Other than that, I'm looking forward to doing a lot of roasts in the crock pot this winter, with stewed tomatoes and carrots and things like that. Yum

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      yum so I could do a roast with sweet potatos and onions, carrots and such?

      I am not done with the book so wasn't sure if we could have sweet potatos. I wonder how jimaca comes out in crockpot? like to replace potatoes?

      xooxox Darlene