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32 days in and close to bailing out

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    It's not bad
    breakfast fruit (?), veggies, nuts
    Lunch fish, cauli, good fat - Good
    snack nuts & fruit
    dinner 2 eggs, 2 sausages, bacon, veggies - OK

    How much protein was this? Is this a typical day? If you aren't sleeping well, you might need more. I would replace the calories from nuts with more protein. 2 oz almonds is like 300 calories and for that you could have 4-6oz of ground beef (depending on lean or not) and get a lot more protein. Also I assume you are eating red meat at least some of the time?

    Just guest-imating with grams from daily burn but
    6 oz salmon = 34 grams protein
    2 eggs = 12 gr
    2 pork sausages = 30 gr
    Total about 75 grams. Possibly on the low side.


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      I have had horrible insomnia since starting primal. Does anyone have tips for that?


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        When i first started off primal the vlc flu laste for about 5 or 6 weeks what made me pull out of it was i started tracking on fitday and found out i was only getting like 1200 to 1300 calories a day almost no carbs like 15 to 30 grams and not alot of protein so i upped my carbs to between 50 and 75 grams and my protein and fat and felt tons better within a few days.


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          How is your sleep. This is so important.
          "I know what my body needs and what it can handle. There's no better way to achieve my goal than what im doing now. If my regimen leads to my death, be it in six days or six months...I will die fullfiled. The outcome is irrelavent so long as i steer towards my fate. If death is to be my prize, i welcome it with open arms."

          "A pound of meat a day keeps the doctor away"


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            That seems like too little food. I'm guessing I eat way more than that, and I still barely come in at over 2000 cals per day. One way to make sure you really feel like crap is to try to do low carb with heavily restricted cals. You can lose a lot of weight quickly that way, but you will feel like death warmed over (IMO, IME, YMMV, etc).


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              I'll just say that eating more carbs makes everything so much easier for me and the pounds keep coming off no matter how many carbs I eat.
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                Did you used to be a sweet tooth kind of guy, Tim?

                If you were, I think you need to cut your carbs (not your calories) even more. In your meals for the day you posted, you have rice, and strawberries, and vegetable chips (is that the kind made from carrots and sweet potatoes?). You say you're having OJ a couple of times a week. Those things would be enough to keep someone who is sugar sensitive in carb withdrawal, I suspect. You need to get below the threshhold that your body craves. For me, it's very, very low. A couple of strawberries throws me back into overeating right away. You CAN learn to love fat instead.

                Your lifelong disturbed sleep also makes me think what is going on is a brain chemical issue. This explains it well:

                Some people have talked about a serotonin precursor called 5-HTP. I haven't tried it myself, but I intend to.

                I love the slow, steady, warm energy of being primal. It's so, so much better than the manic highs and lows of carb craving. I hope you can hang in there until you find what works. I really think it's better. Take care, have courage!


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                  It's interesting that the replies here seem to break down into two camps: eat more carbs, and eat even fewer carbs. And there's a third possibility, that you're simply not getting enough *calories* of any kind. All of these are possibly correct for someone; which one is the answer for you?


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                    OK, first thing I see is that you are trying to kick a carb habit but you're still eating quite a few carbs, especially in the morning with that green smoothie. Try cutting back to less than 20g/day for a few weeks so you can get through the worst of the carb-detox/addiction kicking. Yes, it'll be nasty and really bad, but afterwards it will get better really quick. My husband did a half-assed attempt at PB and for six weeks felt miserable because he said "my corn chips are my 20%." Once he stopped the chips, the flu went away after about three or four days.

                    Looking at your current food intake, I see a lot of carbs that you could just chop out while your body adjusts to fat burning: change the green smoothie for some eggs and bacon (and have a big breakfast if you're hungry in the morning - I routinely have a three-egg scramble and four to six strips of bacon); minimize the almonds and other nuts for a while, don't have the veggie chips, don't have the tomatoes or strawberries (high in sugar) and, of course, cut out the beer for a while. You don't have to do it this way forever, but to kick the carb habit and get over the low-carb flu you may have to go extreme for a few weeks in the carb-cutting and carb-counting.

                    I wish you luck and success.
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                      I'm blown away for all of you taking the trouble to offer advice, thanks so much.

                      Regarding the coffee. I donít touch it past mid-morning and with a half life of around 6 hours, I suspect thatís not the reason. Also, I went coffee free twice for extended periods and saw no difference whatsoever.

                      I have been and bought some magnesium and I'm going to quit the smoothies from tomorrow.

                      Some days Iím having breakfast as well as the smoothies and itís definitely not a lack of calories, trust me I eat mountains. Today I ate almost an entire chicken with the skin on for lunch after eating 3 eggs with sausage for a late breakfast.

                      Weight isn't an issue for me, I'm doing this to try and build my energy levels.

                      It looks like the beer may have to go even though Iím down to the ultra lite stuff <sniff>
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                        I'm new here (but am a past lurker), this is my first post- hello everyone! I wanted to reply as this is something I went through too. For whatever reason, my carb flu (or whatever it might have been) lasted almost two months. I was so discouraged, and would have given up if it weren't for the fact that I HAD to give up grains, etc. due to gluten intolerance's, and yeast issues. But one day I woke up, and the fog and tiredness were gone, and I had the most energy I had had in years. I'm so thankful I stuck it out because it has changed my life. I have lost almost forty pounds- and am now in a size 7, and for the first time in five years my thyroid tests came back in the normal range. Please hang in there!

                        I wanted to add, that I was strict in my eating- and was very low carb for quite some time. After a bit, I started adding in more carbs in the form of fruits and veggies, and that seemed to be when the fog lifted. So now I'm careful to make sure I get enough carbs, but not too much- I know what my body can handle and still maintain my weight and energy.
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                          I've noticed that if I eat carbs for breakfast (or whenever my first meal of the day happens to be... often it's lunch anyway), then I tend to feel more sluggish in the afternoon/early evening. I find it's best to eat a high-protein/fat breakfast (eggs, veggies, occasionally some meat as well), and then eat more of my carbs (fruits, sweet potatoes, etc) in the late afternoon or with dinner.
                          A typical breakfast for me includes 3-4 eggs, cheese (though you said you don't do dairy so forget that part), and some sauteed veggies (whatever is in season or looks good at the market/store).
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                            Beer is my achilles heel. So often over this summer I've found myself at a BBQ or poolside, eating a bunless burger and some baby carrots someone brought for the kids, explaining to someone why I don't eat grain-based food anymore ... and then having to caveat that with "except for beer" as the other person looks at the bottle in my hand with raised eyebrows.


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                              If weight loss is not a concern then why torture yourself with so little carbs. There is no way you are getting more than 50g with what you eat.

                              There is no prize for being the strictest Primal guy. If you raise your carbs you won't get voted off the island. There are many here that think ketosis (<50g of carbs) is the SUPERMAGICKEY to weight loss. For some it really is for others it is hell. For you there is no point.

                              Just like many people here are carb sensitive perhaps you are ketone sensitive.

                              Raise your carbs to 100-150g and enjoy your beer and take pride in the fact you are doing better for your health than 99% of the people out there.
                              Don't be a paleotard...






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                                I agree with those who say there's nothing wrong (and very likely something right) with bumping up to around 100g carbs, since you aren't trying to lean out.

                                Also, thought I'd mention: Although I got over my LCF after about 8 weeks, it took another couple months of being primal before I really experienced the extraordinary energy people talk about. (FWIW, I went primal after 3 years of clean, moderate-fat, mostly-vegan eating.)
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