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Insulin - adds fat or adds muscle?

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    Simplest way to understand it is like this and Im going to keep it very very glossy, so dont take this as a scientific breakdown

    Insulin is a freight train. It pulls up to the station and gets loaded with nutrients to be delivered to various places in the body. So if your body has just been worked really hard it needs that train to take all of the nutrients and get them to where they need to be to repair the damage. It is also used to freight glycogen back into the muscles.

    Now if the body is not in need of glycogen it brings it to the storage warehouse (adipose)

    The old theory was that insulin spike post workout will help repair muscle faster what people didnt realize is growth hormone is blunted by insulin. So with spiking insulin pwo they were actually inhibiting their recovery.

    So simply (very simply) insulin is a freight train that delivers nutrients


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      Insulin = anabolic. Insulin does what it does. What does it matter, honestly? People seem to have this crazy fascination with insulin.
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