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liver and toxins

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  • liver and toxins

    A common argument i hear against liver is that is where all the toxins are stored cause it's the bodies "filter" so eating it is very bad for you. from what i have heard people here say thought that it is stored in the fat. so having said that is there any validity to their statements about liver being full of toxins, of course non of them could cite any sources backing these claims up it just has to be bad for you kinda like whole grains are good for you cause my cereal box tells me so.

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    The liver does process toxins, but it does not store them (seriously, how useless/dangerous would an organ be that stored toxins?). It processes toxins into forms that can easily be excreted. The liver of a healthy animal should only store certain necessary vitamins and minerals (like A and D), but nothing nasty. Personally, I think organic, and raised as close to the natural state, is particularly important when you're buying liver, because a feedlot animal probably wasn't healthy and might end up having toxins stored in the liver, due to a very toxic and high stress environment.

    Here is a link to back me up. Here is another.