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    Personal note
    Started paleo/primal in January 2010. Not overweight (actually needed to gain some then) but saw so many low carb posts that I went for the 60-70% fat, 25ish protein and rest carb bit. I can function on this but don't really thrive on it and to be honest a couple months in started to have some hair loss (male age 39) which is more than EVER before.

    These days I happily eat yams, sweet potatoes, squash, sometimes regular potatoes; and summertime here in CA so peaches are plentiful, apples are crisp, figs just arriving to market, and its so hot that even bananas are tasting good. Fat/Protein/Carb ratio is now way less fat at 40-60%, then roughly split between protein and carb. Just depends on the day. I feel better and more important hair is not coming out in the brush anymore.

    Weight is balanced. For me carbs are not the enemy. I'd rather have a banana (100 cals, and that's one of higher calorie fruits) than scarfing down 1/2 can of coconut cream (350 cals). It feels more satisfying to have some carbs along with protein (and getting the serotonin) than just protein and fat which I tend to overeat unless there are a few bites of carbs in there somewhere.

    I know some people do very well on the very low carb bit but that doesn't mean everyone does.

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    Very Good Point. I tend to be a bit more carby than most on this WOE, but I am getting most of them from my evening WINE! and I find that enjoying my sweet taters every now and then is really delicious and keeps things real for me. As a runner, I find that I need that boost for the longer runs and when my fall race schedule begins. I think it's important to remember that while this is a FABULOUS way to eat and live in general it does not have to be extreme and followed to the letter all the time. Every single person is different, and this ( or any other) Low Carb way of eating is certainly not a one size fits all plan.


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      Yep potassium is a great mineral, it is super. There is one major mistake that people make when doing low carb and it is not getting enough nutrients like magnesium and potassium, which do tend to be a lot more concentrated in fruits and tubers. Anyone doing very low carb should be like popeye with the spinach or something. That is a good observation that while h erectus was pretty carnivorous, h sapiens is less so, though we can still keep it at the 50g and get those nutrients if we focus on good quality leafy greens. I also like refeeds with a mound of sweet potato.
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        I'm familiar with that chart and other studies that basically say the same thing. I was never under the impression a paleo diet was low carb, but it seems in the PB it seems synonymous......don't know why, I just do my own thing which tends to be in and around 25-30% carbs. Had some fried eggs, lamb chops and sweet potato this morning....did I do wrong? some say yes......a little bit fanatical if you ask me.
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          Oh, lots of us do better with the fruits and potato. It's kinda funny to feel defensive about it, given the book this site is based on. But the forum takes on a life of its own. Plus, I guess if carbs really are the devil for you, and you finally figure it out, then you will feel strongly about it. Not sure why that tends to result in blanket pronouncements for other people though.


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            A few hours ago I ate a couple of strip steaks and went out for a walk, but I had no energy and came back after 5 minutes. I felt dizzy too, don't know why. Then I roasted a few pieces of cassava and ate them (yummy) and a banana, then 30-60 minutes later went out for a walk again. I felt like I could exercise forever. Carbs just make me feel good and happy, unless they come from grains and sugar, that is. I'm pretty sure people love carbs for a reason.
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              I think it just depends on the person. A lot of people do fine using the book as is, and then a lot have to fine tune. For some (especially I think those with endocrine disorders like diabetes or thyroid, or other things), keeping the carbs low helps keep insulin levels stable and helps your body start the healing process. If you don't have endocrine troubles, you most likely do fine with more carby stuff...

              Just some thoughts...
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                Here's an interesting bit by Peter from Hyperlipid about problems related to high fat, low carb diets:

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