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  • Any suggestions?

    I am about 3/4 of the way through the P.B. It really opened my eyes to things I've always been in the dark about in regards to nutrition. I have started adapting this life style, recently and would like some input.

    About a week ago I completely cut out sugars, other than the 8oz. of Gatorade I will mix with my protein after a workout. I have cut the majority of all grains, and have stocked my fridge up with fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, and meat(pork chop, steak, chicken). I cook all my meals in advance, and mix them up for my 4 day work week.

    My only issue is now I'm not sure what to eat for snacking, or other meal times. I wake up around 8p.m, and usually like to eat around this time. I then wait until 1a.m, have a salad and some fruit. Then closer to 4-5a.m, I'll have some meat(steak, chicken) with mash potatoes or more veggies. Then it's bed time by 12p.m. That time around 8pm is where I'm struggling to get a good meal in. I don't know if I should just buck up and buy more meat to have during that time, or is that a different alternative I can turn to solve my issue. My really bad solution some nights is to skip the 9pm meal and then turn to fast food around 1a.m

    Sorry for the long post, but any help would be great!!


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    I'm confused - do you work the graveyard shift?


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      Yes, I do. I probably should have mentioned that to begin with.


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        Ok, that makes more sense (I was wondering why you wake up at 8pm!) My suggestion would be to make your meals fattier and bigger to cut down on having to snack in between meals. That salad and fruit around 1am could probably be augmented to keep you fuller longer.


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          Since 8PM is your breakfast, how about some eggs and bacon.
          I would put some protein and fat with that salad, hard boiled egg/steak or sardines and olives, a good oil & vinegar dressing, I like a little goat cheese - make it a feast and that will help. (look at the BAS links on this site for great suggestions)
          For snacks, I take string cheese, pre-cooked bacon, HB eggs, good jerky, sardines or oysters in the tin, kale chips, chopped veges, olives....
          I applaud you for making these changes - graveyard is a challenge, I worked it for 7 years - so glad for day shift!
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