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how much offal?

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  • how much offal?

    I was wondering how often and how much offal people get into their diet.

    I can get hold of liver easily, but is the liver of any one particular animal more nutritional than another?

    Do you have to be wary of the amount you eat? I know 'they' warn pregnant women off liver, but not sure if that's more CW to be ignored, and how much the rest of the population should heed that advice.

    I'd appreciate others' thoughts.

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    I like to have liver every couple of weeks. I have big packages of beef liver, and little packages of mixed chicken hearts and livers. Hmm... now that chicken offal is sounding tasty...


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      "How much offal?"

      An offal lot!

      Liver is good every couple of weeks but contains a ridiculous amount of Vitamin A which may or may not antagonize vitamin d receptor sites in large amounts, so I wouldn't risk it by eating a lot of it. At least for now before we understand all of this stuff.

      Brains can most definitely be more frequent. Brains! Brains! BRAINSS!
      Stabbing conventional wisdom in its face.

      Anyone who wants to talk nutrition should PM me!


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        Mmmmm...beef heart is another one.
        I have it once a week or so.


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          lol! the old ones are the best!

          Once every couple of weeks does sound about right to my taste buds- I love liver and bacon in gravy with a big pile and greens and buttery mash. And steak and kidney pud. (with PB adaptations of course) Winter on its way here...

          Offal is a bit like oily fish with me-like them, but if I don't make a point of putting them on the menu plan then they easily get missed out from my diet. Now to indoctrinate the kids!