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What's your primal comfort food?

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    Comfort food when I want something sweet - 85% dark chocolate square w/ almond butter spread on top of it. or greek yogurt with alittle bit of stevia or vanilla extract with shredded coconut, almonds or almond butter, and dark chocolate bits mixed in..yum!

    Others - sauteed kale with kerrygold butter and spices..yum!

    and anything involving eggs - I can eat eggs anytime, I never get sick of them...ever. or anything with cheese as well (its really my weakness!)
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      Apple wedges spread with excessive amounts of almond butter!

      A tablespoon of straight pesto!


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        A Dutch vegetable soup with tons of little meatballs seasoned with nutmeg. I NEED to make some SOON!

        I also love meatsauce spaghetti OR chicken alfredo sauce over steamed julienned zucchini...fills my belly without the bloating I used to get from the noodles. Also, no more heartburn!


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          I have to say a nice big RARE t-bone steak from a local farmer, nicely grilled on real wood coal, with just a hint of freshly ground black pepper and fleur de sel! Can't do better than that!!


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            OMG! I can't believe I'm writing this! A big salad.

            My answer would probably be different in cold weather. Probably stoup (half-way between soup and stew). It was 104 yesterday. Same predicted for today.

            I do eat non-primal comfort foods (20%). Toss-up between white rice and almost any form of potatoes.
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              Bacon and scrambled eggs with cheese (especially pepper jack), onions, and peppers (cooked in the bacon grease).
              Or an avocado with salsa and sour cream.
              Or chili served over roasted cauliflower.
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                I like to brown small cubes of butternut squash with pancetta and then finish by simmering it with some chicken broth - sooooo comforting! It's one of my husband's all-time faves.

                I also make a 'stew' by steaming clams in a mixture of sautee'd bacon, onion, red pepper and diced tomatoe. The juice from the tomatoes and clams forms the broth, and I add smokey chipotle pepper powder for some kick (in addition to other seasonings). It really warms the stomach.

                Great thread - I always love reading what other folk's go-to foods are. I now have a craving for pot roast w/roated shallots and mashed cauliflour!


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                  Unsalted, roasted pistachios. Macadamia nuts. Slow-cooked pot roast. New Mexico-style red chili with ground lamb smothered on fried eggs.
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                    Originally posted by missprimaldiva View Post
                    Mine is filet mignon wrapped in bacon and to make it the PERFECT comfort meal... add two scrabbled eggs with crabmeat cooked in alot of butter and some cream cheese to go on top of the eggs!!
                    When I die and go to heaven... this will be waiting - WOW!!!


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                      Roast beef served with loads of ghee is as good as it gets for me.

                      Bone marrow is slowly becoming a favorite also.
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