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Advice for low immunity after going primal

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  • Advice for low immunity after going primal

    My husband and I have been primal for nearly 5 months now. While I've taken to it like a fish to water, lost 9 kgs, put on alot of lean muscle and generally feeling better than ever, he on the other hand has had some illness or the other and his health has been on the whole suffering these last few months and I have reason to believe his immunity has weakened.
    He hasn't been following PBF as well as he should though but apart from that no complaints on the food front.
    So far I have been completely convinced that the primal lifestyle is the way to go as I've never felt fitter and healthier but I'm now concerned and I can't help but wonder weather its this drastic change in our lifestyle after eating a grain based diet for 28 years that has him feeling this way?
    I have not come across on information on situations where the primal lifestyle has not suited certain people but I'm wondering if theres a possibility?

    Would be grateful for any thoughts on this.


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    It could be a drastic change to such a different life style or it may be a reaction to some new food. He may also have picked up a linger infection at the same time (coincidences happen).

    Can you be more elaborate about what exactly is happening?

    Also, what's his medical history like? Lots of infections and sickness?
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      Try to remove things that might cause problems and that wasn't in his diet before. Nuts, seeds and eggs come to mind.

      Can you describe what's his diet now exactly?
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        Has he been congested and/or sniffly? I find that when I go primal-with-dairy, I eat a LOT more dairy than normal, and for some people who are sensitive to dairy (like my brother-in-law), the primary symptoms they have is that they get congested and it seems like a cold or allergies. Also, is it possible that he's not getting enough to eat? Based purely on statistics, I'm assuming that he's a bigger person than you are, and needs more calories in a day. Even if you're both trying to lose weight, he would still want to eat more calories than you are.

        Also, if he's not following the plan as strictly as you are, could it be an extended low-carb flu? It's not uncommon to feel run-down, headache-y, maybe even a little dizzy or nauseated the first week or so of a lower-carb diet, and if you cheat too often, it can extend this time.

        Edit: Oh, but definitely have him see a doctor to rule out an actual infection. People get sick. It doesn't necessarily mean his immune system is weakened, just that he got unlucky.