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Do I need to eat more fruit?

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    I agree always with we're all different. When you post a question about an issue you're having, you're going to get a lot of different responses coming from people for whom different things have worked. This is a GOOD thing. It allows you to see the possibilities and choose and/or try on different styles until you find the one that fits your body. Different points of view and experience = more options from which to select.

    When you do posta question, a quick review of a typical "day of eating" for you, with calories and fat/carb/protein ratios (if you do that sort of thing) is super helpful for people who are trying to help. I couldn't really tell what the OP's complete diet is... it could just be she's not getting enough total calories at all, so the fruit was powering her and without that, she's not getting enough fuel (like Melantha suggested). But that's just a guess...

    I do have adrenal fatigue, and am hypothyroid, and have borderline insulin resistance. I personally do better on lower carbs (definitely below 75 and I aim for about 50), and if I feel the need to add carbs I'll do a sweet potato once in a while.

    Fruit gives me major sugar crashes and flips out my system. For me, it's just like eating candy, and I feel about as crappy afterward (after the initial sugar burst is gone). I know some people do well with some fruit, but my guess is that they don't have insulin issues (or not very severe ones). So an option might be to try to eliminate fruit for a bit, to see if anything changes. If you take it out for a few weeks then add it back in and have no issues, then you know fruit's okay for you. Elimination diets can be a drag, but really they're the only way to see exactly how a particular food is working within your own system. In the end that's all that matters.
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      Cook dem greens. Greens contain oxalates which block nutrient absorption and nutrients are all locked up in the cellulose. A big heap of steamed spinach and tomatoes covered in olive oil and balsamic vinegar? mmm. That is the prescription for very low carb potassium. But who knows, maybe you would do better with more carbs. Yams and sweet potatoes are better than fruit
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        Another possibility - greens don't contain a lot of calories, and unless you cook them in liberal amounts of fat there might not have been enough fat to burn. Protein and greens alone without extra fat might work a while for someone fat adapted AND trying to lean out; but if you have only been primal for a week I'd say probably just up the fats to keep your energy on an even keel. Then if leaning out is your goal you can do that later as your body becomes more used to burning fat.

        Anyway, +100 on the 'all different' bit. It seems that people who have been overweight for a while, had too many carbs, metabolic syndrome, etc, do well on lower carb; but there are plenty of people (me for one) who do better on higher carb. You have to experiment. I think it is worthwhile to track for a while on something like daily burn to see how the macros are working out. If you have roughly 60% fat, 25% protein and 15% for a week do you feel good? If not try 40-55% fat, rest split between carb and protein and see if that works.

        I posted this on another thread but it's worth repeating. Paleo does NOT necessarily mean low carb. Here's the proof.