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    This reminds me of an old joke by Mitch Hedberg;

    I drink red wine. People say, "doesn't it give you a headache?"

    Yeah, EVENTUALLY. But the first and middle part are amazing.


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      I've been drinking pretty heavily myself the last 3 or 4 years.

      Part of my 30 Day Challenge this month was to have little or no drinking.

      Have made it pretty painlessly this whole time, except for last night when I was out watching UFC. But...I made it w/ no drinking just to spite my old way of thinking (I usually get trashed during the fights).

      So today, as a pat on the back I just got a pint of Arrogant Bastard Ale and a pint of AB Smoked Porter and am sipping quite contently.

      Much much better than the 12 or so Natty, Bud or Coors Lights I got through 2 or 3 times a week.


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        I stopped buying beer in the grocery when the prices climbed last year, and that has cut down my beer consumption considerably. Now when I go out, the prices tend to keep me in check, but I've noticed something else: now that I'm eating primally (1 year into it), combined with physical activity, and taking zinc and magnesium supplements, drinking no longer has that much of an allure anymore.

        Yes, I still love a good beer - had a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale last night, but I ordered the smaller glass (never used to do that), and it was all I could do to finish it by the end of the meal. I had a big glass of water, which helped as well.

        I don't crave chocolate anymore, either. The Weston A. Price Foundation says that a magnesium deficiency (quite common in the U.S.) manifests itself as a chocolate craving. I believe it now. We used to stock Lindt 85% chocolate in the cupboard, but no more.

        I'm using the money I've saved not buying chocolate & beer to buy more organic beef, wild salmon, and CSA veggies.


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          Wow, thank you all for your responses. Not going to lie, I thought I might get blasted for bringing this up and was hesitant to even check back on my post. You guys are a great community.

          @OnTheBayou - Thanks for your response. The halt of Ketosis was something I assumed but it is a great reminder.

          @SerialSinner - Agreed. "Quality of life" is relative of course, and I am sure my friends who do this several times a week think they are enjoying their quality of life. Thanks.

          @glorth2 - Liked your post. Thanks for the input.

          @umuhk - Will be using your tips. Gracias.

          Thanks for everyone responses. I do understand that the drinking will stop Ketosis/fat loss and will be treated as "poison" in the system. I was also suprised that I should cut out carbs the next day - it seems these LCB/VLCB when combined with alcohol can really wreck you for a few days and carbs might help out but I will keep that in mind.

          My biggest concern is the days it takes for me to start feeling healthy, primal & normal again. I do wait until I'm feeling good until I do physical activity, so maybe I should do that sooner?


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            I recommend doing a round of sprints the following morning, but extending your recovery time between sprints slightly. It feels really terrible, but accelerates your recovery substantially. Follow up the sprints with a traditional morning-after-drinking no carb breakfast of sausage and eggs.

            It's how I recover quickly from having a bit too much, and I wouldn't do it any other way!


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              I just got over a weekend of beers and shots myself. Certainly a rare occurance, but I figure we deserve a little party here and there, right?

              I always believed in the concept of drinking water with your alcohol. It helps tremendously. Why did you think that eating carbs the next day would work well? The morning after, (and a nice hurl..), I scarfed down a gigantic salad. I figured it would make sense to replenish all of the lost vitamins due to the alcohol (especially b vitamins, so get your protein fix!)

              Also, never underestimate the power of sleep.

              I wouldn't reccomend sprinting the next day personally, I think that would be way too harsh and intense when your body is recovering. I'd do some "easy" aerobic work just to get your blood moving and things operating back to normal.

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                what works for me to have minimal hangover is to stick to drinking clear drinks (usually gin and tonic and/or white wine), avoid sugary shots (yes to tequila, no to buttery nipples...), and switch to drinking beer when i start feeling too drunk. chug as much water as possible and take 2 advil before going to bed.

                the next morning, i agree with jess that eating healthy makes you feel better than a bunch of carbs. if you are feeling really queasy and need something easy on your stomach, maybe try a banana (not sure if that's really primal, but it has more vitamins and minerals than bread). and if you don't feel like you might throw up, an easy run really helps to "sweat out" the hangover

                good luck and have fun!


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                  riley44 has it pretty much nailed down.

                  Stick to straight, clear liquors, although I like dark rum and don't seem to suffer ill effects.

                  Stay away from anything sweet!

                  Take 4-6 aspirin before retiring; I'm big, so 6 is my number.

                  Drink water along the way and chug before bed.

                  Now PB for several months, the worst ill effect I suffer is a general lethargy. Not much get up and go, but zero pain.

                  A funny story: When I was "coming of age" here in Florida ca. late 1960's, there was a home grown brand of vodka and gin with the Five Flags label. It was cheap because of in-state taxation preferences, and it was cheap because it was made from the billions of tons of citrus peels in the state! This stuff was so crude you could see orange oils floating on top and smell them. Instead of Smirnoff's filtered through a mountain of charcoal, or whatever that old ad campaign was, FF's could have been filtered through a Mr. Coffee filter!

                  Worst hangovers I ever had in my life!

                  (But it was very cheap and when you are 20....)