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Fat hormone influences baseline dopamine levels and our motivation to eat

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  • Fat hormone influences baseline dopamine levels and our motivation to eat

    Another interesting article:

    "Most who have studied leptin in the brain have focused on an important circuit in the ARC," and the leptin-responsive neurons there, Myers said. ARC stands for arcuate nucleus and is an area in the brain&#39;s hypothalamus that controls energy balance by controlling satiety. "It has been assumed that leptin action in the ARC – if not the be all and end all – was responsible for the vast majority of leptin&#39;s effect on appetite."</blockquote>
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    Really interesting. Leptin resistance -> low leptin effect in the brain -> low dopamine levels -> intense pleasure-seeking.

    That last step can take the form of eating, sex, drugs, videogames, exercise, caffeine, alcohol..anything that releases dopamine. Low dopamine (or reduced DRD2 anyway) is a hallmark of ADHD/ADD, hence why you engage in the above behaviors until someone gives you a stimulant, which doesn&#39;t get you hopped up like most people, but just gets your dopamine up to normal so you find ordinary things interesting again.

    There&#39;s a reason why ADHD and obesity occur together with a pretty strong correlation in children and adults. They certainly both hit me at around the same time.

    From reading Stephan and Dave&#39;s blogs, we can make some guesses about what causes the leptin resistance in question:


    Wheat germ agglutinin

    Excitotoxins (MSG, aspartame) (glutamate and aspartate can allegedly damage the hypothalamus)


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      Interesting. I&#39;m a pleasure seeker - I am an obsessive computer gamer, rollercoaster rider and I love food (particularly gourmet chocolate...) which has led, in the past, to binge eating. I also used to smoke but quit about 12 years ago, and I chewed aspartame-laden gum obsessively (40 pieces a day, most days) until I started getting ill, and realised what the problem was. Quitting gum was harder than quitting smoking.

      My concentration isn&#39;t brilliant either and I wondered if I, might too, have ADD.

      I&#39;ve just started (literally - last night) taking 5-HTP which supposedly helps boost dopamine levels. Let&#39;s see if it makes a difference.