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  • Black pudding

    Just wondering if black pudding qualifies as primal? Personally theres nothing better than a good slice of black pudding with bacon and eggs so I'm hoping for a good response!

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    If the black pudding you are talking about is blood sausage I dont see why it wouldn't be primal.
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      Black pudding is made with oatmeal, so no.


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        Originally posted by StoneAgeQueen View Post
        Black pudding is made with oatmeal, so no.
        I stand corrected. When I googled black pudding the recipe I looked up didn't have oatmeal in it. So yes if it has oatmeal then no it isn't primal.
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          there are ways to make it without the oatmeal.
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            I have asked my local butcher what is in black pudding - and he told me rusk. Which is wheat. So I no longer eat it - sadly.


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              There are so many ethnic variations on blood sausage (black pudding). Most do use some oatmeal, barley, rice or bread crumbs. You might have better luck with German Blutwurst as traditionally it uses no grain fillers. As sausage ingredients vary depending upon the sausage maker, it's best to always ask what is in it.

              If you have access to the ingredients, Blutwurst is pretty easy to make:



              3 lb. fresh fat pork belly
              1 lb. fresh lean pork
              1 Spanish onion, chopped
              1-1/2 tsp. salt
              1 tsp. pepper
              1/4 tsp. powdered cloves
              1/4 tsp. powdered ginger
              1 pint fresh pork blood
              Pork casings, washed and dried


              Cut half of the fat pork and all lean pork in small pieces; add onion. Cook over moderate heat until fat is flowing; then lower heat and cook 45 minutes. Add seasonings; mix. Grind coarsely.

              Stir the fresh pork blood gradually into the meat mixture. Finely dice remaining fat pork and add; mix. Stuff into casings and tie. Cover with water. Bring to a boil; lower heat and simmer 25 minutes. Serves 8 or more.

              I remember my Lithuanian grammie used to sometimes put some white or sweet potato into the mix. I imagine you could experiment with various root veggies and come up with a lot of different primal blood sausages. That's the beauty of sausage making; they're like little meat casseroles in link form.


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                Thanks! Definitely going to have to give that recipe a go. I'll have a scout around town in the morning for ingredients, and hopefully have some primal black pudding for tea!


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                  My farmer told me "no way would the USDA let us give you" the blood from the whole pig we order. Is that what others have experienced in the US?
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                    Yeah, that is why I am going to raise and butcher my own. I am tired of relying on others for the quality and various kinds of meats I need. Now I just need to get that farm I have been waiting on. ;-)


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                      Originally posted by MamaGrok View Post
                      My farmer told me "no way would the USDA let us give you" the blood from the whole pig we order. Is that what others have experienced in the US?
                      It is the same in the uk, however you can get dried pigs blood.
                      I get mine from, but I imagine you can find it in the USA as well.
                      Dried pig's blood,

                      It's not the easiest stuff to get hold of so you have to decide if you want it not knowing the animals history and breeding.
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