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New approach targets gut hormone to lower blood sugar levels

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  • New approach targets gut hormone to lower blood sugar levels


    In this ground-breaking study on a rat model, Dr. Lam&#39;s team discovered that activating receptors of the cholecystokinin (CCK) peptide hormone in the gut rapidly and potently lowers blood glucose levels by triggering a signal to the brain and then to the liver to lower glucose or sugar production. In the same experiment, CCK failed to lower blood glucose in rodents fed a high-fat diet for three days.</blockquote>

    Interesting. Does anyone have more info about this?

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    A quick search tells me this is interesting stuff but a note of caution, the researcher has a VERY good PR campaign going as a researcher myself it kind of sets off alarm bells. I would question some of the assumptions in the study and wonder why based on numerous other studies done why they don&#39;t see the same effects with the presence of fat in the diet.