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Questions for Mark or Worker Bee!!!!

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  • Questions for Mark or Worker Bee!!!!

    First, does the Contact link work yet? or is it still down?

    I've got an issue with insulin and weightloss. I am Type II and on lots of insulin since failing all oral meds.

    I have been mostly primal for @ 3 months and in that time have gotten my sugars under control -finally! I have also added muscle -Thank you! My weight has actually gone up a few pounds though. Should I not worry because my body fat percentage has gotten much better or am I just not going to drop fat because of all the insulin I have to inject. I am eating between 40 and 75 grams of Carbs a day and I take 1 unit of short acting insulin for every 4 grams of carbs. I also take 21 units of long acting insulin in the AM and 25 units in the PM, so there is a lot of insulin floating around in my system. I've managed to come off all of my other meds except the insulin since they all increased my insulin resistance. Any Ideas? I'd love to take some of this trunk fat off! Am I just asking too much?